Kemba Walker is a fighter. But even a player of his prowess knows that a concussion is to be taken seriously and that it’s time to lay low for a while and recover.

It all happened in their match against Denver

This is when Walker found himself on the floor in the second quarter of the match as he bumped heads with Semi Ojeleye, his teammate. Later on, the news came from the doctor that he had sustained a concussion. 

When will Walker return?

As of yet, no date has been set. But sitting out for a couple of games is imminent. So with Boston Celtics’ leading scorer out of commission for the time being, how will the team adapt?

The other teammates are facing increased pressure

Jayson Tatum will carry a lion’s share on the pressure on his shoulders as well. Judging from the team’s performance, he has been the team’s second-most prolific scorer. Although the start of the season didn’t look too promising, he played the latest parts of it like a champ.

Then we have Jaylen Brown, who will also need to demonstrate what he’s made of if the team wants to continue heading towards success. Much like Tatum, Brown has got what it takes to be an All-Star this season.

The two players together will be forced to pick up where Walker has left off, and they’re an incredible duo when put into action. Both of them have earned their respect by placing themselves in the list consisting of only 10 players who have achieved the following this season:

  • At least 7 rebounds
  • At least two assists
  • At least one steal
  • At least 18 points

That list is packed full of All-Stars, but Brown and Tatum, right along with Dallas’ Luka Doncic, are the only ones who haven’t officially received the honor yet.

Who are the other players to step in while Walker is gone?

Brad Wanamaker’s skill will also be put to the test; the longer that Walker will be resting, the more this is true. Then we have Tremont Waters who will give some added depth to the backcourt.

The current season is packed full of injuries for the Celtics

Walker’s concussion adds to a long list of injuries the Celtics have been riddled with all season long. Not too long ago, Gordon Hayward managed to end up with a broken hand. As luck would have it, he is expected to return come Christmas season.

Every case of concussion is unique

As things tend to unfold with concussions, each case is different, so any kind of expectations regarding when Walker might return makes little sense at this point in time. On the other hand, bone injuries are much more predictable in comparison. But no matter what will be, one thing is for sure; Danny Ainge built this team with resiliency in mind. Despite the unfortunate circumstances they are facing right now, they surely have what it takes to come out on top.


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