Kenny Britt released

With the release of Kenny Britt the Patriot’s receiving corps has gotten even weaker. It was clear Britt wasn’t getting the Patriots offense. He even said on Sunday he was behind. Overall not a good sign when they are in week three of the preseason. With Edelman out for a month the only reliable receiver right now is Chris Hogan. That clearly isn’t good enough.

The Patriot’s receiving corps is weak

The Patriots signed Eric Decker but he’s having a hard time connecting with Brady. Friday’s game will be a test to see which receiver will come through other than Hogan. Dez Bryant is still a free agent receiver waiting to be signed. Brady has to be frustrated but is Bryant really the answer to the problem? He can get open and catch the ball yes, however he does come with a lot of baggage. Between his attitude and wanting the ball all the time. I’m also waiting to see what Patterson can do to help this offense. This is arguably Brady’s worst group of receivers since 2006.


Tom Brady when asked if he worked with Britt in the off-season repeatedly said “I wasn’t here.” Even away from Foxborough Brady said he wasn’t here. He usually goes to Montana and take receivers up there to practice with him. Last year he took Edelman and Danny Amendola. It was reported he worked with Edelman during the off-season but not with Britt or anyone else.

Brady already connects well with Hogan and Gronkowski. Now he needs to connect with Decker, Patterson, Dorsett, McCarron, Berrios, and Lucien. Beyond Edelman and Hogan not one other Patriots receiver has caught a touchdown pass from Tom Brady.

There may be more cuts coming for the Patriots receivers too if some don’t shape up. That might even include Eric Decker who’s a year younger than Edelman. It’s going to be hard trying to replace last year’s receiving corps that could connect with Brady.