Tom Brady will always be an example of a real leader

When Tom Brady was drafted he always wanted to be a leader. He wanted to help the Patriots be a great team for many years and play at a high level. Since 2001 he’s had the most success than any football player in history. The Super Bowl appearances and championships are insane and that’s because Brady always does what’s best for the team and never takes games off.

Kyrie Irving isn’t an example of a leader

Now the opposite of a leader is Kyrie Irving. I’m talking about two different sports, but they both need leaders on the team. Kyrie has done nothing but complain and trash his teammates, but he’s supposed to be a leader? What kind of leader would say he’s taking games off in the regular season to get ready for the playoffs? A leader wants to play well in the regular season and the playoffs. Kyrie saying that he’s taking games off to rest is pretty much what his teammates will be doing since he’s the leader. Imagine Tom Brady saying that hes taking games off in the regular season to get ready for the playoffs. Monkeys would fly before that happens.

Kyrie isn’t a leader, he’s just like LeBron James, all about himself and thinking he deserves a championship. His work ethic is all about having superstars around him, not working with teammates who made it to Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals last season. Brady loves the game and doesn’t need superstars to win championships. He creates superstars from average talent on offense. He just won a Super Bowl without Josh Gordon. Whereas Kyrie, all he cares about is himself playing with other superstar talent and an easy way to win a championship. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Celtics get bounced in the first round after Kyrie’s recent comments about the regular season.