In a recent basketball game, LeBron James’s son, LeBron James Jr., managed to score an impressive alley-oop. Being that he is only 14 years old, this is impressive just from the fact that he is still so young. Then again, it’s not like most of the adult population can even score an alley-oop. Most of us can’t even jump that high so it’s understandable that LeBron James had a very interesting reaction to his son’s feat. 

LeBron jumped from his seat and his shoe seems to have fallen off as well. He then gave his kid a high five in a sort of frantic antic while spinning on the field. This is somewhat strange seeing as how the game was still going on, so it’s safe to say that LeBron might have gone a bit too far with his celebration. Many people on Twitter agreed with this and they took it to their keyboards to voice their opinions. Many people said that they usually defend and even love LeBron but this time he just acted way too childish for their taste. Whether or not he really did act too childish is on you to decide.

Whatever you might think, some people disagreed that his reaction was overblown. Many people even thought that it was pretty normal given the circumstances. As we all know LeBron James is one of the wealthiest men in the world of NBA basketball and he wants his son to surpass him if possible. It’s well known that LeBron has been one of the biggest supporters of children during his career. All of that coupled with the fact that this was his son who was performing on the field that day is surely enough of a justification some people thought. 

It wasn’t just some people who came to voice their opinion on Twitter. Even Jayson Tatum cam to LeBron’s defense despite being his rival for most of his career, Source: Factinate. Jason said that nobody has the right to criticize LeBron James, especially given the fact that most fathers these days don’t even pay attention to their children. At least LeBron is there for his son when he needs him the most and he supports him, even though some might find his support outlandish at times. It makes sense that he would be this exhilarated with his son’s performance however.

All in all, while some people might disagree with his behavior, if Jayson Tatum gave LeBron James a green light for how he celebrated, then there’s no doubt about it that it was as appropriate as it gets. We can’t really dispute it when some of the biggest names in NBA are the ones who we’re talking about it. But you don’t have to be a professional basketball player to have entertainment. You can always entertain yourself with the best free online games. No matter what you’re into, there’s surely something that will pique your interest while online.