For all the folks who were waiting for the NFL 2019 season, the same will begin right from the month of August. Of course, plenty of matches are to be played whereas the Chargers vs Raiders is the most exciting one. Also, for the fans, they must be busy buying the match tickets from official websites. However, internet users who crave to watch NFL matches online, we have got the best Chargers vs Raider’s online channels.

Talking about both the teams, each of them has got their own sets of strengths and weaknesses. Indeed, the Chargers team has got an edge over the Packers team because of od their experienced players. However, the Packers team has got it all to be the next king of the NFL Season 2019.

Therefore, as of now for every internet user who is keen to watch Chargers vs Packers online, let’s discover some of the best channels, services along with social media platforms, one by one.

Chargers vs Raiders Live Stream Reddit Channels

Surfing throughout the entire list of paid and free streaming channels and services, we have got the best ones for our viewers.

Yes, we have done immense hard work in getting brilliant channels that we are about to unwrap one by one.

Chargers vs Raiders Reddit Live Stream

Still called as an underrated social media platform, Reddit has got much more to offer. Indeed, it is a free social media platform where you can use Reddit to watch Chargers vs Raiders, the best ever way.

With Reddit, you will require a faster speed net connection, device and of course, a working Reddit account. After this, you can start searching through different subreddit sections. In this case, you will need to test and try different streaming links.

Altogether, you will have to invest your time in Reddit if you are eager to get the best of your links. Test and try different links and you will get that one link that will be perfect enough to watch NFL matches.

Even more, you can also make friends on Reddit and ask them to give the best and working streaming links. This will undoubtedly save most of your time in searching for the links and availing the best of all ones.

NFL Game Pass

Indeed, regardless of your location, you can use the NFL Game pass to watch Chargers vs Raiders anytime and anywhere. In terms of the pricing, the NFL Game pass offers excellent services at the pricing of $100 per year.

Well, this is extremely on the affordable side, whereas you can use the NFL Game Pass and watch different NFL Games.

Also, in terms of the streaming quality, the NFL Game pass does an excellent job. Each of their sports match quality is above par whereas you can use any network connection and stream matches via NFL Game Pass.

Even in the device support section, you can trust the NFL Game pass without an issue. Either you are using a new device or an older one, NFL Game Pass is the perfect option to stream matches on any of the devices.

Also, for the people who are not willing to pay upfront, they can try the NFL Game Pass a few days of free trial periods. Using the same, people can test NFL Game Pass services. After testing, if you are liking their services, you can then move ahead and purchase their paid plans.

Kayo Sports

Altogether, for the people of Australia who are eager to watch Chargers vs Raiders online, they can choose the Kayo

Sports without an issue. Yes, at the starter pricing of $35 per month, Kayo Sports offers one of the best affordable packages.

Even more, with Kayo Sports, the streaming quality has always been above par. The company has got different servers installed in different locations. Therefore, with this, you can be sure about the streaming quality, every single time.

Talking about the device compatibility of Kayo Sports, the same is above par in any case. Right from using an older device to the latest ones, Kayo Sports is the one-word answer.

Lastly, the company does offer some days of the free trial period. Using the free trial period, you can test each and everything about Kayo Sports.

After testing, If things go well, you can move ahead and purchase the Kayo Sports premium plans.

Hulu TV

For the people who are searching for a decent and affordable streaming service, Hulu TV can be a better option for them. Speaking about their pricing, Hulu TV comes at the pricing of $35 per month. This is extremely affordable pricing, whereas you can use Hulu to watch different sports and entertainment shows.

Right from watching NFL matches to entertainment shows, Hulu TV is the right choice. Talking about the streaming quality of Hulu TV, the company has done its best to offer excellent quality.

Here, you can use Hulu TV on different devices, and yet the quality will be stable without any doubt. Still, Hulu TV demands a stable speed internet connection.

Alongside, the device support section, Hulu TV has done an impeccable job. They offer device support to almost every single device. From the old Roku devices to the latest Android ones, Hulu TV is a much better choice.

Even more, for the people who don’t want to pay upfront, Hulu TV delivers an incredible 7-days free trial period. Therefore, test the Hulu TV service, and if things go well, you can purchase their paid plans, without an issue.

PlayStation Vue

If we put aside the branding of PlayStation Vue, the company has truly come a really long way. Their plan comes at the price of $49.99 per month that is on the value-added side. Indeed, right from their ability to offer good streaming quality to offering excellent device support, PlayStation Vue is a better streaming option.

In their streaming quality section, PlayStation Vue does a fantastic job of providing quality to each of the users.

Whether you are living in Asia or in Europe, PlayStation Vue servers are spread all across the globe.

Even more, in the device compatibility section, the company offers support to other devices apart from PlayStation 4. Here, either you are using the Android devices or the iOS ones, PlayStation Vue is a far better option in any case.

Also, for the internet users who don’t get enough time to watch live matches, they can opt for the PlayStation Vue’s DVR Feature. Using such a fantastic feature, you can record videos and watch them as and when you like.

Lastly, the company delivers an exclusive 7-Days of the free trial period. Using the free period, you can test their services in and out. After testing, if you feel like purchasing their services, you can be sure about buying their premium plans.

Fubo TV

Starting the streaming journey as a pure sports service, Fubo TV has come a long way. This time of the year, they are offering streaming plans at $54.99 per month. The pricing is definitely on the higher side but compared with the features it delivers; it is worth buying.

Indeed, Fubo TV is a name that is present among the top streaming brands for the year 2019. Coming down towards their plans, you can purchase the Fubo TV starter pack and watch unlimited streaming all the way.

Also, in the device support section, the company has done a fabulous job. Time after time, they are enhancing their device support, whereas you can effectively use the Fubo TV for watching shows with any device.

In the streaming quality section, the company has generally lived up to its expectations. Irrespective of the channels you choose, you will get uniform video quality for each of the channels.

Even more, Fubo TV delivers a wide array of channels where you can choose between Sports, entertainment to lifestyle ones.

Further, for people who want to store matches and watch it afterward, you can avail of the Fubo TV DVR feature. Although, the feature comes at a cost whereas the cost is kept at $14.99 per month.

Last but not least, you can try the Fubo TV’s massive 7-Days free trial period. Using the free trial, you can test each and everything about Fubo TV. If things go according to you, go ahead and purchase their premium plans.

How to Watch Chargers vs Raiders Using Social Media Platforms?

Indeed, apart from the paid streaming channels and services, there are tons of social media channels that actually offer streaming options.

But, not every social media channel is great, and that is where we have researched social media channels.

Therefore, let us move ahead and unwrap each of the social media channels, one by one.

1. YouTube

Apart from offering free videos to users all over the globe, streaming on YouTube has slowly started to pick up the pace. Indeed, in 2019, there are thousands of users who are streaming games along with live matches on YouTube.

Here, all you require is a good speed net connection along with a YouTube app to stream matches. Now, go into the YouTube search bar and type the Chargers vs Raiders online.

After pressing the search icon, you will come across a different list of options. Quite carefully, choose the best from the rest, see if the streaming is working and watch the entire NFL match online.

Chargers vs Raiders Match Schedule

Starting with the basics, the match between the Chargers vs Raiders is held on 8th August 2019. Indeed, right at the CenturyLink Field stadium, the fans are expected to come in huge numbers.

In terms of the timing, the match will begin at 10:00 PM E.T where the internet users can opt for the best streaming options to watch the game.


Summing up the entire article, hope you have got the best and working ways to watch Chargers vs Raiders online. From our side, we have done extensive hard work along with the research and have brought for you the best of all streaming services, platforms, and social media services.

Therefore, from your side, you can effectively take time and research well on every single streaming service. After researching, if you are confident with the streaming services, you can purchase their paid plans.

Or else, if you don’t have enough money to spend on streaming services, you can opt for social media platforms.

All in all, you are the masters of your destiny, and you can choose any of the services, you like the most suitable, periodically with time.