The luxury lifestyle is the dream of anyone young or old and while a few do get to live out their fantasy of having great wealth and affluence, most people will never get to taste that life. Young people, however, have the advantage of the time to work toward actualizing this dream.

While most do get carried away enjoying their time in the sun, a lot of people today choose to invest their time and resources building their wealth. The journey from the dream to the goal is fraught with many challenges, most of which are financial but that is still no reason for one to not be able to live comfortably in between. There are ways to live and look like a millionaire without breaking the bank. A few tips and tricks will set on track to living luxuriously on a budget.

Get an affordable apartment

Living luxuriously is pointless if one is homeless. It is best to settle issues of accommodation first and quickly as no matter what, one will need a place to lay his head. Avoid pricey neighbourhoods as they will the above and beyond the budget. An affordable apartment with a functioning home system and utilities is the goal. It can then be furnished to taste with tasteful and budget-friendly furnishing from stores that offer such.

Buy a used luxury car

To give off a sense of affluence on a budget, opt for an authorized used luxury car. No one will be able to tell the difference. Buying a used luxury car will save money, it doesn’t depreciate past a certain point so it retains its value even after purchase and it is the best way to gradually ease into having a brand new luxury car in the future. The Sandown-group is an authorized and recognized luxury car dealership that offers authorized used Mercedes-Benz for sale. Buying from such verified dealers ensures that one gets value for their money and guarantees the quality and integrity of the vehicle.

Shop at a discount, wholesale store, and warehouses

Fashion is a major indicator of affluence and a good set of designer duds can set one off thousands. But for those in the know, there are ways to get these outfits and other high-quality clothes, shoes, and accessories for a fraction of the price. Discount stores will offer luxury items at heavily discounted prices. Having a relationship with sellers in these units will improve one’s fashion game several notches for so little money. Wholesale stores and warehouses are the first stop from the factory. There they are typically a fraction of the price they assume once they hit department stores.

Cook at home

There is no way around this one. One of the major ways people overspend or extend their budget is by eating out. Regulating visits to expensive restaurants and limiting the number of times one eats outside the home will not only save some serious money but will guarantee a better healthier diet. Buying fresh groceries and whipping meals up at home guarantees eating like a king and saving extra money.


One doesn’t have to compromise on comfort and luxury. There are ways around it. The ‘fake it till you make it’ idea works wonderfully only it’s not faking because one can afford the trappings of luxury without having to pay the hefty price tag that comes with it.