Regular exercising has numerous benefits but do you have enough time or energy to make it a daily-to-do thing?

Maybe, NO!

In this digital era, our lives have become so mechanical that we hardly manage to participate in healthy physical activities. Students and working people are forced to stick to their study tables and office cabins. On the other hand, efficient transportation facilities such as cars, trains and buses have made walking and cycling once in a blue moon thing. Such lifestyle is leading to perilous lethargic attitude and diseases like obesity.

Well, it’s pretty much obvious that after long and hectic working hours, you cannot even think of doing some really effective workout to maintain your physique and health but what you can do and would love to do is longboarding!

Longboarding is that one sport which allows you to be free with your body and mind. All you have to do is to step on a good, reliable longboard and let this little thing do its magic. Riding through the fresh air doesn’t only improve the mood but also work as a perfect alternative to exercise.

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If you are done with your boring routine and want to make your life happening, start longboarding now because it’s not just a source of fun and enthusiasm but also a way of enjoying workout benefits without even working out actually. Let’s have a look at few undeniable exercise benefits of longboarding:


You might have heard of cardiovascular exercises that reduce the risk of heart diseases such as heart failure and cardiac arrest. Cardio exercises carried out usually in the gyms increase the capacity of lungs and improve the functioning of the heart.

Longboarding is also a type of cardio workout

in which quick and fast body movements improve your blood flow through the body by accelerating the pumping of your heart. The adrenaline rush during an exciteful ride works as a heart pump and increases its beating which eventually leads to a better supply of blood to every single corner of your body. Movements during longboarding elevate the heart rate and successfully deliver more oxygen to the body parts. In short, longboarding is a great cardiovascular workout which gives you the opportunity to strengthen your body by making heart and lung functioning better in the most possible fun way.

Fat loss

You pay a lot of cash and join gym to get rid ofexcessive fats and extra weight. No doubt, gym workouts are quite effective and have obvious results but the problem is that it requires serious commitment and intense energy which most of you find hard to manage due to other responsibilities. It’s obvious that after a long day of fussy office hours no energy is left in you to step on a treadmill or lift some dumb bells. So the question is then “how to lose fat?”

Well, the answer is very simple, longboarding.

You can simply enjoy fat loss while having pleasurable, exciteful rides. Longboarding involves quirky body movements which lead to excessive sweating eventually resulting in substantial fat burn. A 125 pound person can lose up to 300 calories and a 185 pound person can burn around 444 calories with a single hour of longboard ride. This estimation means that you can burn 2000 to 3000 calories in just a week without even realizing it. Also, to reiterate, you can save so much money while losing weight. Unlike when you buy a treadmill or gym equipment, you’ll need to spend a lot of money or even apply for a loan, and you’ll be bothered by the fact that you’ll need to free your credit history from issues and even have to remove records from some collection agencies, like LVNV Funding collections, just to be able to apply for a loan to buy expensive equipment.

Impressive, isn’t it?

Muscle strength

Strengthening of muscles is another awesome benefit of regular longboarding. When you roll the wheels, muscles of your whole body are involved. Where your legs play the biggest role of upholdingthe balance and pushing the board, your upper body muscles also help in accelerating the speed while maintaining the stability. Energetic longboard rides strengthen the core and carve the abs within no time which means that now you can have a macho man body by mastering longboarding skills instead of carrying out killing exercises and intense workouts.Especially, if you perform maneuvers, you do a lot of crunching, bending and twisting which eventually enhance your body cuts and carves.

In short, when you slam on your longboard, you wake up those sleepy muscles and tighten them to work in the best way possible.

Flexible body

Aside from being a great cardio and muscle strengthening exercise, longboarding is also a great way of achieving a flexible body. You might not realize but body flexibility is very much necessary to stay younger and active for longer.Longboarding requires you to be free with yourbody and move left to right, forward and backward just like a free bird. This way your body doesn’t get stiff and stays flexible and relaxed. Working in the office for hours in a static position on a laptop brings stiffness in your muscles.

One hour of longboard ride can reduce that stiffness and provides relaxation to your muscles making them more flexible and stretchy.

Reduced stress

Do you know many people join workout sessions and gyms not to lose weight but to experience mental relaxation? Well, that’s true!

Exercising regularly allows you to remain mentally healthy and stress-free. Same happens when you roll a longboard daily. Longboarding is a sport but deep down it’s a great way to give yourself a break. When you are on a longboard, you experience freedom and pleasure which eventually opens up your mind to positivity and hopefulness. Longboarding gives you an opportunity to remain calm and stress-free in depressing situations so you may come up with better plans and ideas. Whenever something bad is at your door, you can simply slam on the longboard and leave everything behind for short to take better decision later.

In simple words, longboarding is a great cure for depression and stress.

Physical fitness

Aside from mental health, longboarding is also a great way of maintaining physical fitness. As we have already mentioned that it’s a type of cardiovascular and muscular workout, it’s obvious that being a regular boarder, you won’t experience diseases such as obesity and arteriosclerosis. While longboarding, your body gets a chance to remain in a good condition and burn some unwanted fats. Considering the fact that our diet has become quite unhealthy because of all that junk food intake, it’s evident that our body experiences certainanomalies. Hardening of arteries due to high cholesterol and fatty food is one of the common diseases you may experience because of inactive body and unhealthy diet.

But if you are involved in longboarding, your body gets a chance to burn all those excessive fats you took in the breakfast, lunch or dinner. Aside from that, your muscles also become stronger and healthier.

The last word

To conclude, it won’t be wrong to say that longboarding is a total package of health, excitement and fun conveyance. It’s a sport for many but a great way of maintaining healthy body and mind for those who find regular workout difficult or unmanageable. While having fun on the board, you can improve the functioning of the heart and lungs, burn some fats and bring flexibility into a stiffed body.

What more you can ask for?

It’s understandable that every oneof you cannot arrange sufficient time to carry out exercise on regular basis due to certain other commitments. But, longboarding is a very simple way to enjoy all the benefits you might expect from regular workout.

And the best part is that you don’t have to be a pro to step on a longboard. You can simply buy one good piece from the market and step on it to go with the flow.Being free with your body is all you need to keep in your mind while rolling the wheels and you will have a fine body shape in the most fun way possible.

In short, you don’t have to get tired or sweat hard to become fitter. You can enjoy all the exercise benefits without being involved in intense workouts by simple having some fun time on the board.