Some False Reporting Going on in Foxborough

Friday was an off day at Gillette Stadium. The team didn’t have practice and Belichick was enjoying the off day in New York City. According to Barstool Sports, however, there were reports that Rob Gronkowski was no longer going to be a Patriot by the end of the day. Another “reliable” source reported that Belichick had a meeting with Kraft about trading Gronkowski. Brady stepped in and threatened to retire if they traded Gronkowski. Needless to say, that was all fake and the meeting never happened.

Gronkowski was going to be possibly be traded in the offseason, according to Tom E Curran of NBC Sports Boston. All of the fake reporting Friday was quickly shut down. The real reporting comes from the beat reporters and people that cover the team. When I said in April Belichick was retiring at the end of the season, I found out from an insider at Patriot Place. There is tension there is drama, but Friday was all nonsense and believing some guy from Attleboro because he has a blue check mark on Twitter. Pathetic.

Tom Brady Wasn’t Going to Retire

Tom Brady wasn’t going to retire after this season. He might have threatened it in the offseason if they traded Gronkowski, however, he wasn’t going anywhere. Why should he retire when Josh McDaniels was returning? There was no meeting on Friday. Maybe there was in the offseason, and Barstool just wanted to break something big. Then other “reporters” wanted to join in on the fun.

As for Tom Brady, he’ll be skipping the rest of OTAs. Don’t expect to see him until Training Camp which begins in July. Brady will probably spend the next month with his family, doing fundraisers, and be traveling the world. He’ll also prepare at TB12. Enjoy all the gossip talk on the radio this week on how Friday was a fake news day in Foxborough.