Is it too early to get excited for football season to start? No? Okay good, because training camp is right around the corner.

Patriots Announce First Public Training Camp

The New England Patriots recently announced the date of their first public training camp. Fans are already getting excited to see football at Gillette again. The first public practice will take place on Thursday, July 26. The team has not announced information about their stadium practices yet.

Making the Most of Training Camp

Training camp is a great opportunity to enjoy the summer weather and see some football. Usually if you want to see Brady & Co. play it is going to cost you, but training camp gives you a free alternative. Dates that are open to the public are on the Patriots’ website. If you are going to training camp for the first time this year, I have a few tips on how to make your experience the best possible.

The practice is held on the field beside the stadium with limited bleachers. You can try and snag a seat there, but sitting on the grass gives just as good of a view. Be sure to bring a blanket to sit on and lots of water to stay hydrated in the Foxborough heat.

If you are bringing your kids make sure to check out all the activities they have around the field and in the parking lot. Every year they add something new to entertain fans. Many players come up to rope separating the fans from the field to sign autographs after the game, so bring a sharpie if getting a signature is your goal. Be sure to grab a roster from the Gillette workers to keep track of the new guys.

Make a day of it. Patriots Place is home to many restaurants, shops, and bakeries, making it a great place to walk around for the day. While you’re there head over to The Patriots Hall of Fame to take a picture with the Lombardi Trophies and try on a Super Bowl ring.

Views From Training Camp

To show just how close you can get to the action here are two photos I took at last year’s training camp:



I started going to training camp since I was young, and it has always been a fantastic time. It’s a great way to get excited for the upcoming season. Younger fans sit in awe as they are able to see their sports heroes only a few yards away. It is a great alternative if you cannot make it to a game this season.