People Need to Get over the Malcolm Butler Super Bowl Benching

Via SI.comPeople still can’t get over why Malcolm Butler didn’t play in Super Bowl LII. Last week, Bill Belichick was asked about benching Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl, but he wasn’t having any part of that question. Belichick is strictly focused on the 2018 NFL season. Whatever happened in the past is in the past. However, Malcolm Butler is one of the reasons they won Super Bowl XLIX. Without that historic interception by Butler to end the game, Brady wouldn’t have gotten his fourth Super Bowl ring. Last season Butler played in 98% of the snaps all season long. In the Super Bowl, he wasn’t on the field for defense except a special teams play.

Malcolm Was Benched Because He Missed the Team Plane

Malcolm Butler was sick and missed the team plane, and Belichick had enough and benched him the entire game. Now as a Tennessee Titan, he’s proving he belongs in the NFL. Butler told reporters on Saturday, “I don’t want anybody to feel sorry for me, I don’t want a feel-sorry-for-me story. No bad blood between me and Bill Belichick. One of the greatest coaches ever and I care about him …I know he cares about me. And this a hurtful game sometimes and it can look different than what it is. But that’s my guy. … I got a lot of respect for him.”

Belichick and Butler Have No Hard Feelings

If it wasn’t for Belichick, Butler wouldn’t be where he is at today. Belichick didn’t want to sign Butler long-term, which is why they gave that big contract to Stephon Gilmore. Butler realizes that he wouldn’t have gotten paid either if it wasn’t for Belichick. Belichick called Butler after he signed with Tennessee to congratulate him. Just like he texted Garoppolo after every win in December. Was it a football decision to bench Butler in the Super Bowl? Yes, and also a personal decision. Butler missed the team plane and that is what ticked Belichick off.

Butler has a great coach in Mike Vrabel who also is a former Patriot. The five-year $61 million dollar contract will be worth it for Butler.