Hockey is a very interesting sport. Even though it is not as big as football, there are plenty of hockey fans all over the world. With the growth of sports betting, hockey betting is very common. Hockey fans analyse games and place bets on their favourite teams. However, just like any other sport, hockey betting requires much keenness even for the slightest of details. Fortunately, betting sites such as the popular have different odds and markets for you to choose from. Here, we look at the beginner’s guide to hockey betting. Consider the tips below:

1. Consider the Odds

Normally, the various betting companies have experts that analyse teams and come up with near perfect odds that are then displayed on the companies’ betting site. If you want to bet, you visit the site where you can see the odds and decide where to put your money. If you know your game so well, the odds can be a key guideline in making tough decisions.

2. Consider the Stats

As the popular saying goes, “numbers don’t lie.” In that case, considering the stats of a particular hockey team before placing a bet can be very beneficial. For instance, you can consider the team’s Corsi. Basically, a Corsi refers to the number of shot attempts that a team makes at 5-on-5. If a team shoots the puck towards the goal, that’s a Corsi for. If the rivals shoot the pluck towards your team, that’s a Corsi against.

In most cases, a Corsi is recorded in terms of Corsi for Percentage (CF %). If any team has a CF% of more than 50%, it shows that the team is very dominant. However, it is important to note that any form of puck moving towards the opponent’s goal, no matter how feeble, is counted as a Corsi. It is therefore important to incorporate other stats such as high-danger scoring chances and expected goals in your analysis for better results.

3. Always Look at Your Past Results

When betting, it is advised to look at your betting history even if you lost. By doing so, you will sort out the games where you lost fair and square from the ones that were near misses or lost through bad luck/ randomness.

4. Take Advantage of the Available Betting Resources

Thanks to the growth of technology and availability of various social media platforms, you can get extra information on how to bet on hockey games successfully. Some of the analysis posted are pin point and are done by extremely bright people who have a keen eye for hockey details.

However, look out for scammers while at it. Do not pay for any tips from anyone. Hockey betting is a game of chance and probabilities and nobody is ever entirely sure of the outcomes.


Hockey, just like any other sport, attracts fans from all over the world. As a result, hockey betting continues to become popular across all continents. When betting on hockey matches, consider factors such as the stats, look at your betting history and use the available free hocking betting resources.