Let the Rumors of the Coordinators Leaving Begin

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The Patriots are once again in the playoffs. Matt Patricia and Josh McDaniels are in rumors of head coaching jobs around the league. Josh McDaniels said this week, “My focus here when I come into this building will always be on what’s best for the Patriots. Trying to do what I can to help us prepare to play our best game the next time we go out on the field”. Patricia also is only focused on the Patriots, saying, “I have no idea about any of that. None of that is even really applicable for me right now because I don’t have any information on that. I’m in normal mode”.

Will Belichick Leave or Retire After This Season?

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It’s been reported the Giants have asked permission to talk to McDaniels and Patricia. Many other teams but I have a different theory. Bill Belichick is 65 and wanted to keep Jimmy Garoppolo, when Robert Kraft stepped in and sided with Brady. What if after the Patriots win their sixth Super Bowl Belichick either retires or just leaves? Imagine if he left the Patriots to coach the Giants, where he started his career as a coach. It sounds far-fetched but it’s an interesting theory. Patricia becomes the head coach of the Patriots next season and McDaniels is the offensive coordinator for next year as well. Until Brady retires after next season, Garoppolo comes back maybe after getting some playing time in San Francisco.

By Keeping Brady the Patriots Aren’t Planning for the Future

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Now if Garoppolo doesn’t come back, the Patriots are screwed at quarterback. They will have to find a decent replacement for the greatest of all time. Patricia and McDaniels have been around the Patriots for a long time and know how the team works. McDaniels has tried head coaching jobs in the past but they haven’t worked out. Patricia has never held a head coaching job and I really don’t think he would go anywhere besides New England.