As the latest addition to the rapidly expanding Boston Sports Extra team, I’d like to formally introduce myself. My name is Ryan McHale, and I’m from Milford, Massachusetts. I live with my wife and 2 incredible children. In addition to penning pieces for this site, I’m a middle school teacher and parent blogger. I find sports to be cathartic. While I may not have the athleticism of the superstars we known and love, I nevertheless relish in their victories and languish in their defeat. Each week, I enjoy writing down the laundry list of thoughts bouncing around my mind. I opted to share them this evening so that you, the loyal readers of Boston Sports Extra, can get a glimpse into the mind of the newest website contributor.

New England Patriots

  • Without a shadow of doubt in this young writer’s mind, The New York Jets had a touchdown taken away from them.  You will not change my mind.
  • Earlier this evening,  I engaged in a back and forth conversation on Twitter with former Patriots linebacker, Matt Chatham. We exchanged a number of tweets over the course of ten minutes. I haven’t changed my mind. Nor has he. In my mind, the Jets lost a touchdown. Chatham believes the letter of the law was enforced, thus the correct call was made. Whether or not the officiating crew reasonably interpreted a terribly written rule is a moot point. I did not see a single shred of overwhelming evidence to remotely suggest the call on the field should be overturned.
  • It’s no secret that the team’s defense is its Achilles’ heel through the first six games of the season. The unit, as a whole, looks lost and is suffering from the lack of a clear leader. Their inability to stop New York on first quarter 3rd downs was incredibly frustrating to watch. Yes, injuries are piling up. Yes, Patricia can only do so much with glaring personnel issues. However, the Patriots are supposed to be the ultimate “Next Man Up” squad. Or does that phrase only apply to the Brady-led offense?
  • Regardless of how sloppy the team may have looked at times this afternoon, coming back from a two score deficit on the road is nothing to scoff at. Here’s hoping the resiliency shown by the team today carries over to next week and a Super Bowl rematch with the Atlanta Falcons.

Boston Bruins

  • For the Boston Bruins, the mediocre play of Tuukka Rask is undoubtedly cause for concern. If there’s one thing (aside from injuries and inexperienced players) that threatens to derail the ’17-’18 campaign, it’s the leading man between the pipes. Rask has struggled mightily early on. With tonight’s loss, Rask is 1-3 with a paltry save percentage of .882 and 3.30 Goals Against Average (GAA).
  • The Black and Gold need the stable presence of Patrice Bergeron.
  • I predict that Charlie McAvoy will exceed the lofty expectations set upon him. McAvoy’s youth and speed should help stabilize a group of defensemen that haven’t been up to the task in recent seasons.

Boston Celtics

  • The Boston Celtics begin their season Tuesday night against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Don’t these two teams have some kind of recent history together?
  • While the additions of Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward will make this Celtics team Must-See-TV, is there any other sport with a more pointless regular season than the NBA? We’re forced to watch six months of games to get to the inevitable conclusion. Oh, how I miss parity.
  • Isaiah Thomas has every right to feel slighted by what he believes to be a cold-hearted move by Danny Ainge. While I’ll never understand the feeling of being traded, I imagine it’s hard not to take an involuntary move personally. However, Ainge made the move he felt was in the best interest of the Boston Celtics. Isaiah’s performance throughout last year’s playoffs will be remembered by fans of the green team forever.  By playing with such passion after the tragic death of his sister, Thomas solidified his place in Celtics lore.

Boston Red Sox

  • Alex Cora needs to be the next manager of the Boston Red Sox. As a player, Cora was never one to shy away from accepting responsibility when things went wrong. This Red Sox club is full of players who don’t feel as though they should be held to a high standard and questioned with failing to perform as they should. The Sox have an unbelievable amount of talent, but they need a skipper who’s going to make them face the heat when they fail to get the job done. Otherwise, we’ll see another ego-filled clubhouse unable to reach their full potential.
  • It’s obvious that Chris Sale’s innings and pitch count need to be more carefully monitored in late August through September heading towards the playoffs. He’s a fast-working, hard-throwing, full-of-intensity pitcher. It should come as no surprise that he’ll have to overcome fatigue in the later stages of the season. The Sox need a fully rested Sale if they’re to find success in the postseason.
  • I consider Sale, Rafael Devers, Andrew Benintendi, and Mookie Betts to be the only “untouchables” in any future discussions with the Miami Marlins regarding Giancarlo Stanton. Aside from that foursome, every other player in that locker room is fair game. Make it happen, Mr. Dombrowski.

New England Revolution

  • The New England Revolution will be stuck in MLS purgatory until ownership is willing to truly invest in a competitive lineup and experienced head coach. There’s just too much talent across the league. The Revolution, and their loyal fanbase, deserve better.
  • At just 22 years of age, Diego Fagundez is on his way toward becoming a MLS superstar. He deserves to be the face of Revolution soccer moving forward.


Until next time,

Ryan McHale