Hello again, everyone! Welcome to another edition of “McHale’s Musings.”

There’s been a lot happening in the world of Boston sports, so let’s get right to it!


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  • Big-time win over the Falcons last weekend at Gillette. The effort from Matt Patricia’s defense was a stellar reminder of this group’s talent. If they can string together a few solid games, their confidence will grow.
  • Tom Brady is 40. 40!
  • Josh McDaniels needs to continue letting Dion Lewis be more of a factor on offense. He’s a dynamic running back who can stretch out a defense. He’s the ultimate weapon for Brady and Co. if used consistently. #fantasyfootballpickup
  • It sounded like Gillette was rocking on Sunday night. It’s about time! For myriad of reasons, Gillette Stadium is no longer a place opponents fear to visit. However, fans can help make a change. This team needs support from the 65,878 members of Patriots Nation in attendance each and every home game. Perhaps those early losses at the start of the season were a wake up call to fans. Things aren’t going to come easy on this “Blitz for Six.” Fans, you’ll have to do your part to make it happen. Get lubed up!


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  • Hello, Kyrie. I’ll like to see your, “Suck my d**k,” and raise you a “Shut up and play.” You are a 25 year old professional athlete. You will be taunted by opposing teams’ fans. You’re the one with all the leverage here. By walking away, you’re making sure you don’t make headline news for all the wrong reasons. Sure, that Philly bro may hop on Instagram Live to boast, “Damn, you won’t believe what I said to Kyrie. He just took it like a chump.” However, I don’t think his 27 followers are going to band together and ruin your reputation. It’s like the world of teaching. Sure, I could rattle off some solid insults mixed with biting sarcasm at the student who refused to work, but what good would that do? At the end of the day, we can only control our own reaction.  Kyrie, I urge you to ignore the taunts and move on with your day.
  • I see you, Jaylen Brown.
  • It’s too early to say that the Celtics made the better move in drafting Tatum over Fultz. With it becoming increasingly clear that Fultz has been hurt to start the season. Let’s give it some time before we declare that Danny Ainge bamboozled the 76ers.
  • Through four games, the C’s are 9th in the league with an average of 46.3 rebounds per game. I’m hopeful that this team will be able to rebound with more efficiency than last year’s squad that finished 27th in the NBA.


  • Last weekend’s loss to Buffalo was a colossal failure. Thus far in his tenure as head coach, it appears as though Bruce Cassidy has been unable to strengthen the mental toughness of this hockey club. The 3rd period and subsequent overtime was simply a train wreck. It will be inexcusable defeats such as Saturday’s debacle that prevents this team from making a deep postseason run.
  • What is up with the NHL schedule to start the season? I’m not liking this staggering of games, and I’m willing to bet the players aren’t fans of it either.
  • How good was it to see Bergeron back on the ice? The guy is a warrior through and through. He is Bruins hockey personified. With that said, he’s getting older and deserves to be surrounded by talent that has the potential of winning another Cup. Is he surrounded by that kind of talent now? Time will tell. One thing’s for sure…that kind of crippling loss to Buffalo can’t happen again.

Red Sox

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  • Dustin Pedroia is out seven months after undergoing knee surgery. I get the sneaking suspicion that we’ll soon be reading headlines along the lines of, “Pedroia Hopeful of Returning after All-Star Break.”
  • I love the Alex Cora hiring.
  • While I agree that we shouldn’t give up the farm for Giancarlo Stanton, it would be foolish not to put together a reasonable package for the All-Star slugger. This Red Sox lineup needs power in the worst way. He also has a personality that is sorely missing from the clubhouse after David Ortiz’s retirement. Go for it, Sox!


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  • The Revs won a road game! I repeat…The New England Revolution won a road game!
  • In a match that proved to be well worth the watch, the Revolution closed out their disappointing season by finally winning a road match. The win over Montreal helps the team avoid going winless away from Gillette for the first time in franchise history.
  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…Diego Fagundez deserves to be the face of the Revolution. This young man is going to be a difference maker for the Revs for years to come.

That’s it for me! Until next time…