Mike Vrabel will face New England on Sunday

The Patriots will see some familiar people on Sunday afternoon when the Patriots travel to Tennesse to play the Titans. One of those people is former Patriot Mike Vrabel. Vrabel now the head coach of the Titans will make his return to face his old team as a coach. With the Patriots he played in 125 games starting in 110 of those. He also won three Super Bowl Championships all with the Patriots and Brady as the quarterback. He had eleven interceptions and 48 sacks with the Patriots. He’ll be in the Patriots Hall Of Fame soon no question about that.

Belichick has respect for Vrabel

Belichick praised Vrabel today at his press conference saying. “He loved to play on the scout team defense. He’d be there best pass rusher, he’d play middle linebacker … he’d play strong safety. (Troy) Polamalu, Ed Reed, (Dwight) Freeney, whoever we were playing, he would love to be those guys (in practice). Play against their offense then take all the snaps on defense … they bring a lot of good positive energy to the team … you can’t put a price on guys like that.” Sunday will be the first time Belichick will be facing a former player that turned into a  head coach.

Vrabel did catch a pass from Tom Brady in Super Bowl XXXVIII against the Carolina Panthers. If it wasn’t for the Patriots and Belichick he probably wouldn’t be a head coach right now. All the things he learned about football was from his time in New England. After New England, he went to Kansas City for two years and really didn’t have the production he had with the Patriots. Vrabel didn’t like being traded to the Chiefs but he’s over it now and has respect for the Patriots organization. Sunday should be a great game for New England anyway. I think the Patriots destroy the Titans and Malcolm Butler gets burned like he has all season.