Mobile betting is getting increasingly popular everyday. And fantasy sports app delivers a platform on which anyone above the legal adulthood threshold can bet in a legal and hassle-free environment. These apps witness an increase in their popularity at the beginning and during the sports seasons. Its fun as the users compete with each other based on the performance of the players they chose to be on their team. Users create their dream team, make trades and play the role of the manager of these virtual teams. Just sit back and bet from home as you chill watching the game. Here are some of the most popular fantasy sports apps.

CBS Fantasy Sports

CBS Sports fantasy is one of few apps which caters all the information one can require to create a dream team such as live and mock drafts, season projections for each player, player news, draft help, and more. It has fantasy baseball, basketball, football and hockey.

Draft Punk

Draft Punk only has Fantasy Football. It is a no-brainer for any football fan. It lets the users do mock drafts, track any player from an array of 1000 footballers and much more. This app sources data from all kinds of places.

Draft Wizard

Draft Wizard is one of the most popular fantasy football apps. It let its players to do mock drafts and contains info on almost all the players. It is compatible with many platforms which include Yahoo, CBS,, MyFantasyLeague, RT Sports, Fantrax, and NFFC. The developers also have a fantasy app for baseball as well.


FanDuel lets you bet your fantasy team against everyone else’s in a winner takes all match. You can set up a private league to bet against your friends only or join a public league. The FanDuel collects the money and awards it to the winners. It has fantasy NFL, NBA, Soccer, NASCAR, Golf, CFB, NHL and MLB. You can place safe bets up to $500. 

ESPN Fantasy sports.

App launched by the biggest sports channel as the name suggests, ESPN fantasy sports is probably the most popular app on this list. It features many sports. Players can join public leagues or create one of their own private league. It lets you do mock drafts and comes with lots of more features like Material Design, player rankings, projections and more. You can even make it send you emails to track your progress. 


You might have heard of this one before. It has expensive paid leagues which while burning a hole in your pocket might award you with a lot of money. It supports all the major sports like basketball, golf, baseball, soccer, football, hockey, and even Nascar, MMA, and CFL. It also has a free game that anyone can play as well as paid.

Yahoo Fantasy sports

It is yet another popular fantasy sports app. It covers most of the sports and includes hockey, football, baseball, and basketball. It let its players to play in public as well as in private league which players make themselves. It also offers daily leagues and tournaments and more to keep players engaged.


RealFevr is another fantasy football app for football fans. Its has many leagues and event and even featured this year’s World cup. It gives a salary-cap model, prizes, playoffs, and multi-platform support to its players and its entirely free. However individual leagues are more preferred which provides a better experience for a specific league.

These are the best and most reliable fantasy sports apps on which you can safely bet at home and enjoy the sports at the same time. Pick any of them which suits you and start, create a rooster and jump in the game yourself.