The Red Sox have the best record in baseball at the all-star break largely due to the MVP caliber play they have been getting from Mookie Betts. The Red Sox have been trying to sign Betts to a long-term extension for the past three years. However Betts has taken the Sox to the wall in every negotiation seemingly set on getting every last penny.  Rightfully so as Betts has proven how dynamic a player he can be.

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What To Expect

Betts has made it clear that he will be watching the free agent market this year. As both Bryce Harper and Manny Machado are expected to sign historic contracts. While Betts is not set to hit the open market until after the 2020 season. This years market will surely impact what the right fielder gets paid. Considering the Sox are actively trying to prevent Betts from ever sniffing free agency. However both sides have been stubborn throughout negotiations up to this point. With Mookie winning an arbitration case this past offseason that has him earning $10.5 million dollars instead of the $7.5 million that the Sox had originally offered.

In terms of his future contract the way the Sox have handled the situation up to this point is bound to have an impact. Betts is probably not to pleased that he had to take the team to arbitration over $3 million dollars. I would expect a contract of 10 Years $310 million dollars with an AAV of around $31 million a year. That puts him right below Mike Trout and presumably below Harper and Machado. Who are all viewed as more reliable players long-term. Mookie’s size will effect how much money he gets and will probably be the reason he will not be the highest paid player in baseball. Players his size tend to decline much quicker, just look at Dustin Pedroia. Although it’s a big check to cut, its one Mookie deserves.