It’s always great to watch Mookie Betts on a nightly basis. He’s always having fun playing baseball, and it rubs off on his teammates and the fans. So it was no surprise that his annual Citi Mookie Betts Youth Baseball Clinic was based on enjoying yourself and to always have fun while playing. This year 200 kids from a wide variety of ages came to see the All-Star outfielder. The boys and girls from 1st grade up to 8th grade all got a chance to meet their hero.


Throughout the day the kids were rotating to different stations set up to teach the basic fundamentals of baseball. Each station had a high school or college coach set up to teach the kids hitting, catching, running and fielding ground balls. Mookie stopped by every station and interacted with each kid. Mookie gave the groups a chance to pick his brain, and of course he had to get in on the fun. Along with the different groups teaching fundamentals there were also games going on towards the end of the day. Toward the end of the day Mookie made his rounds to the mini wiffle ball games where he took over as the pitcher.


This was by far the most exciting part for the kids. Mookie let everyone swing until they got a hit. He is a really patient man, as there were 200 kids wanting to hit a home run off of the All Star. A few of the kids managed to take him yard! Mookie continued to have a smile on his face all day, just like he does on the field.


From the beginning of the Mookie Betts Baseball Clinic until the end everyone who was in attendance was all smiles. Especially the man of the hour…Mookie. Throughout the day he was talking to the kids about life, baseball, happiness and positivity. He was explaining to the group that he is where he is today because he doesn’t let negativity get to him, and he always tries to maintain a happy positive attitude playing for the Red Sox. He went on to say that if you make baseball fun then you will get better results. Having a positive attitude is infectious and will make you others around you better, hinting at this years Red Sox team.