You just can’t do what Nazem Kadri did on Thursday night.  Call it charging, boarding, hitting to the head- it doesn’t matter. You just can’t do that.  Hockey has an honest and blue collared identity, but that’s gutless.


Kadri is always ready to mix things up.  He’s like Brad Marchand in the sense that he’s most effective while playing with an edge, but this is too much.   Viciously boarding somebody on their knees directly from behind?  There’s just no respect there.  You could argue that Wingels gets his elbow up on Marner just before the hit, but it seems clean.


He’s an energy guy and the spark-plug of the Maple Leafs. It makes sense that he’d want to get physical and set the tone for a comeback, but that’s not the way to do it.  Being an agitator is a huge part of Kadri’s game, so he should know this better than anyone.


It almost seems like he just gets too amped up and forgets where his boundaries are.  Games are more physical during the playoffs but this is inexcusable.  The hit is exactly what the Department of Player Safety is trying to eradicate.  It’s ultimately up to the players to prevent these hits, and hopefully most are more respectful than Kadri.

We’re learning more about concussions every day.  Direct hits to the head have the potential to effect somebody’s whole life.  We’ve seen it right here in Boston with Marc Savard.  Kadri knows this, but it doesn’t stop him from making a bee-line for Wingels’ head.  The hit reads “charging” in the box score, but it could be labeled as a few things.


This is embarrassing for Nazem Kadri.  He severely crosses the line and now the Leafs are going to pay for his mistake. George Parros needed to make a statement.  The Department of Player Safety won’t tolerate hits like this just because it’s the postseason, and he gets what he deserves with a three game suspension.