NBA 2K series is the standard for basketball video games in the past decade and is incredibly popular not only among gamers but also players. The same goes for the Celtics team, as Enes Kanter recently talked about his low dunk rating (58/100). But it’s not only that NBA 2K20 doesn’t believe in his dunking ability – the game doesn’t think that the team will have much success this season.

If you are looking at player ratings, they are pretty good. Kemba Walker is the star of the team with 88 overall, followed by Jayson Tatum (85), Marcus Smart (82), Gordon Hayward (80), and Enes Karter (80). Even the bench is pretty strong, as the lowest rated rookie Carsen Edwards is decent at 71. Overall, the Celtics are one of the better teams in the game, but that’s not good enough to win a title this year – or even make it to the playoffs!

Marc Stein of The New York Times simulated the 2019-20 season in NBA 2K20, and the conclusion is that Kemba Walker can’t fit Kyrie Irving’s shoes. In his full season sim, Boston managed only 41 wins, which wasn’t enough to reach the playoffs. Unlike the Celtics, 76ers and Bucks were the leading teams of the East, while Lakers finally won another championship. NBA 2K20 favors the Lakers, as the simulation by also proved. They simulated 20 NBA seasons, and eight of them were won by the Lakers, followed by 76ers with five rings. As for the Celtics, they finished in the 10th place, without a single title. Again, the numbers are pretty much the same as those recorded by Marc Stein in his research, as Boston won, on average only 44.9 games per season. In the best-case scenario, the team made conference finals, but also missed the playoff lots of times. Of course, NBA 2K20 can’t calculate the chemistry of the players and can’t be as accurate as is the list of Best Free Sex Games of 2020. Now it’s time for the team to prove their worth.