The Celtics possesses one lottery pick, at the 14th selection this year. Most times the end of the lottery has not yielded great players in the league. However, players like Tim Hardaway and Clyde Drexler have been great value at 14 for other teams. With that note, here are 5 players the Celtics should target in this upcoming NBA Draft.

Fall’s size and length could raise his stock more than some think.

5. Tacko Fall, C, UCF

Tacko Fall is by no means a complete player. He still has some work to do on his game to become more well-rounded. Its his size that has scouts drooling over his potential. Standing at 7’7″ with an 8’2″ wingspan makes him tower over any player. His long, thin arms allow him to attack the rim with ease, as well as make spectacular defensive plays. With Horford likely to return to Boston, he can be a great mentor to help develop Fall into a quality pick.

Williams brings experience and two-way ability to the table

4. Grant Williams, PF/C, Tennessee

Grant Williams is one of the NBA Draft’s safest choices. Although a hot-and-cold shooter from deep, Williams is mostly a complete prospect. The two-time SEC Player of the year is everything you want from a stretch big. A reliable offensive game inside the ark and the athleticism to guard multiple position. Williams also is more seasoned than most prospects in this draft, having played three seasons of college ball.

The NBA Draft brings many young prospects, including White

3. Coby White, PG, North Carolina

The Celtics targeting the PG position in the NBA Draft is a close to sure thing as you will get. But who could they pick? White would be the best fit for the Celtics. He plays hard and can space the floor effectively. White is young and most likely wiil not be ready to start right away, but if the Celtics can pair him with a veteran they’d be well-set for the future.

Langford’s ability to score makes him an intriguing prospect

2. Romeo Langford, SG, Indiana

Romeo Langford is one of the NBA Draft’s biggest question marks. He’s an offensive dynamo and can shoot from deep at an above average clip. He can be streaky sometimes, but he adjusts and distributes the ball once he realizes this. His defense is his biggest problem. Inconsistent effort and the inability to keep up with certain types of players have hurt his draft stock. Luckily for Langford, Marcus Smart could help develop his defensive skills. Overall, if the Celtics can bear the defensive problems, Langford could be the steal of the Draft.

Reddish is a solid player with untapped potential

1. Cameron Reddish, SG/SF, Duke

Reddish is the ideal prospect for the Celtics. The NBA Draft’s forgotten Duke prospect has all the tools needed. An offensive threat and solid defender, Cam Reddish is framed as the prototypical ‘sixth man’. The one knock on him is that he does everything good, but nothing great. This could be attributed to the fact he played with the two top prospects in this draft. Overall, if Reddish is there at #14, I’d be shocked if Danny Ainge didn’t pick him.