The NBA offseason is in full effect, and this year’s free agent class is shaping up to be very diverse. A mixture of top stars and key role players, this class has all types of players at all types of prices. While the Celtics are focused on re-signing Al Horford, they also need to take a hard look at other pieces to help round out the roster. One under-the-radar prospect they should take a hard look at is Rondae Hollis-Jefferson.


Hollis-Jefferson is a former lottery pick from the University of Arizona. He stands at 6’7″, and weighs 217 pounds. He played for the Brooklyn Nets for the past four seasons before they declined to accept his restricted free agency. At 24 years old, he’s just hitting his stride and is in prime position for a breakout year.


What he would bring to the Celtics

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson is a perfect fit for the Celtics in a lot of ways. At 24 years old, he fits right in with the young core that comprises the Celtics. It would be easy for him to mesh with the locker room. He can cut to the basket well and is great at operating offensively without the ball. His greatest asset, however, is his defense. Hollis-Jefferson guards multiple positions well and is great in help defense situations. The Celtics pride themselves on defense, and Rondae fits the mold.

What would it take to sign him

Just because Hollis-Jefferson hasn’t produced a ton of points doesn’t mean he’ll come cheap. He’s young and very talented on the defensive side of the ball. He’s by no means a max contract player, but he’ll be at least an 8-12 million dollar player. He’ll also most likely want some assurance from the Celtics he’ll have a big rotational role when playing. Overall, Boston can offer him both and bring the best out of Hollis-Jefferson.

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