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Alex Guerrero thinks Brady can play until 50

The question remains can the greatest quarterback play until he’s 50? Brady is playing until 45. He’s confirmed that numerous times. But his trainer Alex Guerrero sees the quarterback playing until 50. Even if Brady was able to, there’s no way Gisele would allow him to keep playing past 45. He’s accomplished so much more than anyone, but the winning never gets old. He cemented his legacy with winning his fifth Super Bowl, and the sixth was just gravy. Just this week he posted to social media a picture of him taking confetti from the Super Bowl out of his helmet. He then wondered if he kept confetti from past Super Bowls. He keeps trolling the NFL, and it’s glorious.

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Bill Belichick doesn’t seem to be retiring anytime soon

What a difference a year makes. This time last year there was speculation that Belichick was on his way out after Josh McDaniels came back as offensive coordinator. It seemed like Belichick was grooming him to be the next head coach sooner rather than later. However, things changed once the season started. The Patriots finished 11-5 and won the Super Bowl. Now a year later people have the total opposite mindset. Belichick is going nowhere. I even wrote that Belichick could be on his way out when they traded everyone in the off-season to let McDaniels have somewhat of a new team. Boy, was I wrong.

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