It’s that time of year again. Once again the New England Patriots are playing the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl. The last time these two teams played in the Super Bowl was in 2004, when coincidentally the Patriots also lost both coordinators following a win. It was their third Super Bowl win in three seasons. The Patriots could be looking at their sixth Super Bowl title since 2001. Simply amazing!

Familiar Faces

The Patriots will see two familiar faces on the field next week. LeGarrette Blount and Chris Long are former Patriots who both signed with the Eagles in this past offseason. Belichick was asked about Long and Blount in press conference and replied,

“Yeah, they’ve done a good job for them. Both guys have been productive, having good years along with a lot of other guys on the team; solid”.

The James Harrison signing has been great addition for this team. Brings some pressure from the defense that the Patriots didn’t have before. Belichick praised Harrison Wednesday saying,

“James has been great, really professional, works hard. There are a lot of things that we do that are different from what he’s done in the past, but he’s adjusted very quickly. I give him a lot of credit for that and has tried to learn and do everything that we’ve asked him to do to the very best of his ability”.

Brady Is Strictly Focused on the Super Bowl

Tom Brady has not talked about his documentary that was released on Thursday. Instead he’s talking about football and sticking to the big game. He said during his press conference Saturday that having Gronk back out at the practice was great.

“It’s always great to have him out there. He’s a great person great teammate, and a big part of what we do so it obviously hurts when he’s not out there for a lot of reasons.”

Brady is also excited to play in the eighth Super Bowl of his career. The Patriots should fly the Eagles all the way back to Philadelphia this Sunday.