People have become aware of the reality of leather cricket balls made from the skins of cows and bulls after they have been subjected to unspeakable cruelty. People are realizing playing cricket isn’t fun for these creatures; it’s a slow, horrific death for them. Not only are animals subjected to pain, but human hands (tannery employees) in the shady leather products business are exposed to elevated risks of lung diseases and cancer on a daily basis. Furthermore, tanneries pollute the environment significantly.

Non-leather cricket balls are not only conceivable but also readily available in practically every sports shop in the world.

As a vegan, purchasing baseball balls is difficult. Many sporting products, in fact, are a little difficult to come by in this regard. As a vegan, it’s very difficult to find baseballs. Is it because the majority of people think that real leather is the best? 

Unfortunately, that’s true for any sport, not just baseball.

Non-vegan balls are everywhere and this needs to change

The majority of sports activities, such as soccer, basketball, baseball, and volleyball, are excellent ways to be active and keep fit. And don’t you think that there’s simply no reason why having fun with sports needs to mean putting animals in danger? Veganism has made its way into the sports business as it has evolved in every aspect of our lives, from diets to stylish apparel. We all know how closely vegan diet and sports are linked, therefore it’s only natural that they’d be included in the things people use for sports.

More companies are becoming environmentally conscious

Many businesses must share the same level of responsibilities with regard to conserving the earth in order to compete in the market. That means going vegan encompasses not just vegan food and lifestyle, but also the manufacturing of sports goods, such as clothing, footwear, and equipment, which are among the most essential items in any activity. With the introduction of new inventive ways and technology, sports manufacturers are now developing leather alternatives that can achieve the same or equivalent results while causing no environmental harm. Using vegan leather rather than genuine leather could be the first move toward becoming more environmentally conscious.

Can you find vegan sports goods on the market?

Yes.  In fact, the list is quite long. 

Have you heard of eco basketball? As we already said before, animal skin is not environmentally friendly, and it is recommended that sports companies use vegan materials. Vegan leather is unquestionably the best option. Vegan leather composed of natural materials should be used for all basketballs. You can now find a vegan basketball ball that comes in a variety of sizes, thanks to the growing popularity of eco-friendly sports equipment on the market.

Leather was initially chosen as one of the elements of a basketball ball because it’s high-quality and can survive the game. Otherwise, it won’t provide the best results for the teams. Did you know that eco basketball provides safer approaches and alternatives? Vegan leather is one of the most dominant materials, and it appears that it has already established itself as an environmentally safe material that will undoubtedly save millions of animals.

Eco volleyball is not falling behind either. What’s more, this activity includes two alternative models both for inside or outside play accordingly. Aren’t you happy that these vegan balls are becoming more and more available to everyone?