Belichick Is the Best Head Coach in the NFL

Bill Belichick is by far the best coach in the NFL, and it’s not even close. The reason for that is simple it’s because he drafted a quarterback in 2000 who has brought him five championships since. Most of Belichick’s assistants have gone onto becoming head coaches themselves. That question is why? My answer is because they either can’t draft a quarterback, or they try to act like Belichick when they haven’t won anything as a head coach.

There’s Nobody Close

The debacle on Monday Night Football between the Lions and the Jets was a disaster waiting to happen. Matt Patricia lost that game before it even started. All these reports coming out that he’s being too tough are prime examples of him trying to be like Belichick. Also, he has a quarterback in Matthew Stafford who isn’t a Tom Brady quarterback. Let’s go to Josh McDaniels, who is also failed as a head coach because he was trying to be like Belichick and drafted Tim Tebow, who isn’t even close to Tom Brady.

The advice to coaches around the league should be don’t be like Belichick because you don’t have a quarterback good as Brady is. Belichick has earned the right to be tough because he has the championships to back it up. Also a big huge thank you to the greatest quarterback of all time. Jon Gruden is now coaching the Raiders and because he doesn’t have a Tom Brady quarterback in Derek Carr, expect the Raiders to not be good this season. Now Jimmy Garoppolo might be a different story. No, he’s not Tom Brady, but he could be a decent quarterback and win championships. But overall it’s Belichick, Brady and the Patriots, and then everybody else until Brady and Belichick are out of New England.