Today the battlefield is going to have two C’s on the floor. Well, yea for the football lovers it is a battle between the two great teams that are Chargers vs Raiders. And they are the major match in the NFL 2019.

This is the Divisional Round match in AFC this weekend. And that too obviously every weekend is like a complete day for watching your favorite shows and for football lovers obviously, it is football time.

So the match of Chargers VS. Packers are right away in a few hours. As per European Time, it is 4:35 and the match will be played on Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.

Every single NFL fan who was waiting for the 2019 season to start, we are just a few days away for the same. Yes, every time, the NFL Season comes into play, it brings tons of excitement, madness, and passion for the fans. Also, there are millions of fans who will like to watch Chargers vs Raiders match online. Therefore, in this case, we have done the hard work and have brought the best of all streaming channels and services.

10 best options to watch Chargers vs Raiders Reddit Live Streaming Online

Saturday eve can’t end without a football match for the football cravers. So they really have a need for this blog to know through which way they can view it. Let’s check out the list of channels to watch Chargers vs Raiders live streaming below.

NFL Gamepass

The NFL Gamepass has altogether of access to 256 games along with beautiful options. You can watch the Chargers vs Raiders in the NFL GamePass for a minimum subscription of USD 34.99. You can watch the AFC for a whole month live with this package.

NBC sports live

If you are from Southern Asia then probably you will know a lot about this channel, as this is the best and more used channel for watching live football matches. And you can use this plus point and watch the Chargers vs Raiders match today. You can watch it by subscribing to it, on the website else you can watch it through cable TV.

Sky Sports

May it be Any sport; Football, Rugby or any sports, it gives live telecast of all these matches without clumping them up. And it is the live channel, especially for sports. You have different packages, there is also a special Chargers vs Raiders to watch the AFC matches, you can go for it.


The online channel for Live Entertainment and sports. The speciality of CBS is it works as per the schedule and doesn’t miss out the schedule and also it has the day time matches availability, and it makes no miss of the match. It doesn’t cut in mid of the match. So don’t you think this is apt of the Chargers vs Raiders match.

Fubo TV

The channel is highly used by the US resident of the Football viewers. It has a free 7-day trial, you can also watch the match here in Fubo TV. And in the case of geo-restrictions, you can use VPN to watch the Chargers vs Raiders match. This has a cool HD view and with the same subscription for a month.

Sling TV

The sling Tv can be the affordable one for the online live match of AFC, as it has very less subscription amount as compared to other channels. Today, the match of Chargers vs Raiders is to begin in a few hours and who knows what amount you have in your bank, but it would really not be less than the subscription amount need for the Sling TV. Grab it right now, log in right away and start watching the AFC matches regularly.

YouTube TV

I am a great lover of YouTube, my day doesn’t go without it. It is only because it is outstanding with its cool features. And I was so happy to know it has Add-on features with a subscription and that is it has a live telecast of AFC as well in its Add-on feature. And if you are already an existing user then don’t delay just subscribe and go for it.

Chargers vs Raiders Live Streaming Reddit

There will be a bunch of links available to watch Chargers vs Raiders game online through Reddit. Just find out the subreddits relating to the match just before the kick-off time.

Hulu TV

It is as similar to that of Sling TV, it is specialized in telecasting the Sports for the best quality. You can watch AFC, with few steps to log in. This has the shortest process to enter to the channel, and it has 5-days trial to try the channel.


The online channel was specially created to watch the live online sports matches on time by just subscribing it. And mainly the DAZN is chosen by many professional sports trainers as they have good stand well in the countries like Australia, Canada and so. Watch today’s Chargers Vs Packers live in the DAZN if you are residing in Canada or Australia.