Third Jerseys are Back

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly confirmed during a news conference recently that third jerseys will return for the 2018-19 season.

At this point the Bruins have not announced any plans to add a third jersey to their arsenal. Previously they have worn three different alternate jerseys that they could bring back.

They had previously worn the yellow “Pooh Bear”, and for a few games the 1970’s version during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

They then rolled with the solid black version with the bear and name on the front for a bit. Eventually the team decided their Winter Classic jerseys would be their alternates, until Adidas stopped producing them once they took over jersey rights for the NHL.

Several teams have announced dates that they will be displaying them. The Coyotes stated they will be using theirs on draft night, and the Islanders have mentioned they will be using an orange version. Some teams have had alternates that became such big hits that they eventually become a primary jersey. Meanwhile, others seem to keep trying something new every couple of years with the hope of getting it right.

Currently, 19 teams will have alternate jerseys for the upcoming season.

The Bruins will be playing in this year’s Winter Classic, so there’s a possibility that they make that jersey design their new alternate, as they did previously in 2015.

Bruins previous alternate jerseys.