Gronkowski on His Way Out?

(Pittsburg, PA, 12/17/17) New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski celebrates as he leaves the field after an NFL football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field on Sunday, December 17, 2017.Staff Photo by Nancy Lane

Rob Gronkowski was a huge asset in the second half of the Super Bowl. But rumors swirled when after the Super Bowl that Gronk was going to evaluate his future. Rob Gronkowski is rumored to be interested in the WWE, XFL, and movies.

Tom E. Curran from NBC Sports Boston said last night that Gronkowski was unhappy playing for the Patriots in 2017. Gronkowski almost retired at the start of Training Camp last season. He trained with Alex Guerrero, Brady’s trainer who was removed from the locker room and the sidelines. Tom Brady was the only player allowed to be treated by Guerrero in a separate room at Gillette Stadium. The rest, including Gronkowski, had to physically go to TB12 at Patriot Place to be treated.

Gronkowski can’t be himself either, like with the touchdown celebration earlier in the year. He said he wanted to talk about it, but “we’re told we can’t talk about celebrations”. The one he was talking about was when he was carrying Brandin Cooks on his back after a touchdown. Let’s face it- the atmosphere on the Patriots is centered around one person: Tom Brady. That has pissed off Belichick, who sat Butler in the Super Bowl and forced to trade Garoppolo. Gronkowski is mad he can’t train the way Brady is being trained. He has to walk to make an appointment at TB12.

Big Name Players Backing Their Teammates


All of the big name players backing Malcolm Butler’s Instagram post about him missing meetings and curfew on Super Bowl week. Hightower, Brady, and Gronkowski all liked on Twitter or Instagram. That is a clear shot at Belichick and the atmosphere.

Brady Is Bigger Than the Team

Do you really think Brady is going to let Gronkowski, his only weapon in the red zone, just go to the WWE? I don’t think so, just like he didn’t let Josh McDaniels walk to the Colts. If Gronkowski moves on from the Patriots, there will be with a 41 year old quarterback who’s playing like he’s 30, Julian Edelman, who’s coming back from injury, Danny Amendola, and no big guy Gronkowski at tight end. The injuries for Gronk are only a small part of why he’ll step away. Most of it is because he can’t be himself.


Cover image courtesy of NBC Sports.