New to the world of gambling, then we have some unknown facts about this lucrative industry. It is a billion-dollar market but unfortunately, some people are unknown about it. After all, it is quite different from others like cars and the fast-food industry. So, it is common that some are uneducated about the industry. Luckily, you are here to utilize your time in reading this post. We have compiled a list of things that everyone, whosoever is, interested in online gambling should know. Let’s dig deeper and find out some amazing facts about it.

First thing first, everyone is aware of one common fact that once you enter into this industry it is a bit harder to come out. It’s addictive because not every player does responsible for gambling. Of course, we all want to earn money and a sense of excitement that comes with it is what makes it addictive. Therefore, we recommend you to be responsive while enjoying it on sites like

Now, move to our list.

1. It’s illegal but the opposite is also true

A common misconception is that it’s completely illegal all over the world. Well, that’s half-truth because some countries have made it legal. However, there are still some activities which are banned. For example, poker and casino games are not banned by the United States. On the other hand, sports betting are banned.

However, it does not mean that it is forbidden in every other state or country. Countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and more allow their citizens to engage themselves in such games. So, whosoever is interested should first know all the regulations and laws of their country and then choose This is for your protection as it includes risks when done against laws.

2. Everything depends on the RNG

All wonders how the website shows the results of various slot games and online bingo games. Well, it is the magic of the random number generator machine. This is a program that generates a result that is random and not fixed. It’s nothing unusual because all the traditional settings use such software.

In reality, it consists of various numbers corresponding to a result. Whenever a player presses the deal button, meanwhile the program is running, a number is displayed. You get the result based on the number. Every time a new outcome is generated. So, the game is completely unbiased and all players get fair results and prizes.

3. Slot machines are the most profitable

This is true because around 85 percent of the industry’s profit comes from online gambling. However, the old look of such machines like electro-mechanical ones are not used today. They have completely changed and a computer program runs behind the virtual set up. No matter what form of machine is used, the working is the same.

They have spinning reels some have 3 while others have 5 with stops. Stops are represented by symbols. On spinning the reel, you land to a stop symbol with different winning probability. For example, it’s a 1/10 chance to get the bar stop while it’s 1/20 to land at the cherry sign.

4. No card counting

Surprisingly, not all rely on RNG as they offer table games to the players. Fortunately, they are similar to the traditional ones where a dealer distributes the cards. All this happens online through computer software. One such popular game is blackjack. The cards are shuffled automatically in the internet game. Also, after every hand the deck is re-shuffled.

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5. They are not rigged

Another myth about this industry is that the websites manipulate the results which mean they are cheating and keeping huge profits into their pockets. It’s not true because usually when the winning odds are less than the house gets its edge. Nobody is controlling your winning or losing not even the software. They get an incentive for not cheating on their customers so why would they cheat. Moreover, reputation is everything on this platform otherwise they would not get lots of customers to their site. Another thing that prevents cheating is the laws and regulations that pose strict punishments and can even ban the site upon cheating.

6. Loyalty clubs

Yes, they have loyalty clubs also called players or slot clubs. What they do is tracking the player’s gameplay and then offers comps and rebates. There is a criterion for offering them and depends on the percentage of losses of players.

7. Don’t take them easily

Casinos are not making a profit by cheating you but they are making money by offering interesting yet hard to win games. A sport betting is one of them. For example- you will win $100 prizes or offer for wagering at least $110. Did you understand the catch? No.

Suppose you bet on 100 games but there are only half chances of winning because the lines are set in that manner. It short, you won for 50 of them and lose for another half. Overall, there is a net loss of $500.

8. Good customer service

Cheating has nothing to do with the unfair game but it have everything related to customer service. Read all forums and you will understand why we said this. Finding one fine site is challenging however not all are bad and one exception is You will experience great customer support since its reputed one. Another advantage of using it is that it offers complete information and keeps its customers updated about the latest deals. Happy clients are the sign of the best platform. A fair and free platform is what we all look for so go to the link and fulfill your desire of gambling.

9. It’s better than the lottery

When played responsibly its always better because of less adverse effects than the lottery. Moreover, the huge possibility of earning is there and bonuses and offers are given, unlike lottery.


When having the right education about the industry then you always get great returns. I hope that now some of the myths are cleared in your mind.