For some weak gamblers, online gambling at Leovegas Sport or any other casino can make way for the desire of gambling for real cash. Nevertheless, for others, it can serve as one of the most useful distractions. Free-to-play online casino games are quite popular. These social games simulate gambling and are highly profitable at the same time. They are a new phenomenon, but concerns have come into the picture regarding how innocent they are.

What Have Studies Proved?

Studies have proved that for certain weak gamblers, these games can serve as triggers to gamble for real cash. Social casino sports are games that sound, look, and even play the same as gambling games. However, these games do not pay out original cash. They encourage the players to establish connections with online networks by way of social media. Around 173 million individuals have been estimated to play such games every month, across the world. These were the estimates of 2012 with numbers increasing in recent research. Note that this number is rising at around 24% every year.

The merging of gaming, gambling, and social media is entirely new, and people are not able to understand the influence of this convergence on their health and of course, their wallets. People are not just lying on their beds every night and playing different imaginary slot machines. But they are even paying more coins for the same. Social casino games have thus become one of the most lucrative gaming genres expecting to produce $4.4 billion by 2020.

Research-Based Evidence

Research shows an overlap between gamblers and social casino gamers. Experts in this field have found that around 13% of the gamblers are also into playing social casino sports. These gamblers are young, and they are used to gambling online. Also, they have increased chances of experiencing gambling issues.

Industry and technology are outpacing regulators, and the games have even left policymakers across the world scratching their heads. Nevertheless, though these games are considered subjects of great concern by the Department of Communications, they are highly recommended for players provided they are closely monitored.

Low-Risk Social Casino Games Are a Good Practice

Social messages and online advertisements regarding casino games and online gambling appear to be working. More and more participants are now playing these games only when they are receiving invitations to do so from their family and friends through social media.

Such social connections are significant when it comes to motivating the players. This is quite similar to the social motivation required for getting gamblers into gambling. Experts recommend being aware of such activities through recommendations from friends and word-of-mouth.

To conclude, social casino games should be a way of getting the best out of gambling but without staking cash. It should be a low-risk entertaining activity for all gambling enthusiasts.

Such games should be used for learning more about gambling before transitioning into mainstream gambling. It is vital for enjoying great gambling sessions without any hassle.