We’re approaching a time in which our favourite games will be returning – combat sports has already found a return in the US as three events took place within just one week, the Bundesliga in Germany has also found itself getting underway once again with a number of games being played over the weekend and scheduled games to take place throughout the rest of the month – others are also set to follow in the same footsteps as other games are scheduled to get underway in July, but as many are set to take place without any fans in attendance for the foreseeable future, what’s the best way to interact with the game whilst being unable to attend the stadium?

1. Livestreams

Many of these events will be broadcast on TV as usual, but it’s still difficult to feel connected to the game without anyone around you to enjoy the game at the same time – there are plenty of livestreams with live chat rooms that open up around gametime, you’re able to get chatting to like minded people and get to talking about the game – you may not be physically at the game, but at least you can chat to others as if you were.

(Image from thestreamingcompany)

2. Social Media

This still serves as a perfect platform for many looking to share their favourite things – as sporting events get underway once again many will turn back to social media whilst fan attendance is limited, plenty of groups will be opening up where you can get together with other fans to talk about the games.


The most recent UFC event held was claimed by betting sites and casinos not on gamstop to be  the most bet UFC event in history, but betting has come along way and has evolved in to a social event for many as live chat rooms and social media now plays a big part in online betting – a lot of games are set place to get underway as mentioned, across multiple sports we could be seeing upwards of seventy to one hundred games played per week, a perfect opportunity for betting fans to not only get in on the action but to also be social about the whole process too.

It’s looking extremely likely that social distancing measures will force stadiums to remain closed for a long time yet to come – some are even suggesting that we may not see any change here until a vaccine is found – some sports such as cricket have suggested that they may be able to prepare the stadiums for a much smaller capacity, but the likelihood of this is difficult to see as public opinion leans much more toward distancing – until then alternatives will need to be found, those mentioned are just some of the choices available to you – the good news is that sporting events as a whole are on their way back however, and with so much time to make up there will be a whole lot of games played in a very short amount of time.