Two nights, two completely different outcomes. After an impressive showing in Arizona, the Bruins had a chance to gain some momentum heading back to Boston. Instead, the Bruins layed a massive egg and were shut down by former teammate Malcolm Subban. It wasn’t like Subban was tested that much, the Bruins couldn’t get it going offensively.

The lackluster showing in Vegas concluded a frustrating and disappointing roadtrip. The Bruins looked lifeless in the first period, barely generating anything offensively. Another slow start for the Bruins is  alarming. The entire reason for a coaching change was the slow starts, which have thus far continued under Cassidy.

The five games the Bruins have won looked impressive. When they have lost, it has been ugly and alarming. While some growing pains can be expected with a young transitiong club, the Bruins haven’t shown much growth. Both Vegas and Colorado outworked Boston, and neither teams are world beaters.

The Bruins return home to the Garden lacking an identity and the ability to execute. Should fans be pushing the panic button? The short answer is no– they’re only five games into an eighty-two game schedule. If the Bruins don’t look alive soon though, get ready to smash that button.

The offensive struggles have been obvious. Time and time again the Bruins have wasted the few scoring chances they have been able to generate. They lack execution. Sunday against Vegas emphasized this, as the Bruins kept firing shots wide, or directly into Subbans chest protector. It appeared every one of the Bruins forwards thought they were Wayne Gretzky. The Bruins desperately need to simplify their offensive approach. Get the puck and move it to the open. Make simple plays first, then expand to a more dynamic offensive approach.

For a team struggling offensively, it would be nice to have an explosive offensive defenseman with a cannon for a shot. The Bruins let their cannon, Colin Miller, leave in the expansion draft, because Kevin Miller and Adam McQuad were so valuable. While Colin Miller was firing rockets all afternoon, Kevin Miller was making brutal turnovers that led to a goal.

While the Bruins have only played a hand full of games, the philosophy and decision making of the organization should have Bruins fans ready to panic. Getting Bergeron and Backes back from injury isn’t going to fix the core problems of the Bruins. Both players have shown signs of decline, and have many miles under them.

The potential for a lost season seems much greater now, Boston looks lifeless this season.