The Giants and Patriots Almost Made a Trade for Baker Mayfield

Via Sports Illustrated

Believe it or not, Baker Mayfield was almost a New England Patriot, according to his agent. The Giants and Patriots were in discussion about a possible trade for the Patriots to move up to the number two spot in the Draft. But when the Browns got Mayfield, the talks stopped, and it never happened. What also didn’t happen was Lamar Jackson going to New England. That was a complete smokescreen by Bill Belichick, making people think they are into Lamar Jackson when really they wanted to get Baker Mayfield.

Baker Mayfield was the closest thing to Jimmy Garoppolo in this draft. The next head coach Josh McDaniels was really into Baker Mayfield being the heir apparent to Tom Brady. I still do believe that Belichick is leaving after this season and Josh McDaniels will be taking over starting next season. With everything going on lately, I really don’t blame Belichick for walking away. Imagine Baker Mayfield in a Patriots uniform, though. There are people comparing him to Johnny Manziel. Who knows if any of the quarterbacks will be a bust or not? For some, it goes to their head, and for others, they work their tails off to get better.

People Are Already Judging Danny Etling


People seem to want to forget that Tom Brady was taken in the sixth round at pick 199. Dan Etling is no Tom Brady, however, he’s working with Brady’s throwing coaches and that should be taken into consideration. Why is there no talk about Danny Etling? Did the Patriots draft their next quarterback in this draft? Who knows. Let’s see how Etling does before we jump to conclusions that he’s going to suck. Instead of getting Mayfield, they instead loaded up McDaniels for next season with draft picks. I don’t see Brian Hoyer with the team after this upcoming season. Then in 2020, it will be Josh McDaniels, Etling (or another quarterback), and the backup with a completely new Patriots team.