The Patriots Drama Continues


Lately, it’s been football weather around New England. Today begins the Patriots ‘voluntary’ off-season workout program. Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady will not be participating in the program. Gronkowski will not be participating in the program because of his contract situation. As for Brady, he wants to spend more time with his family, and also nobody at quarterback is trying to take his job from him. Again, Brady will play through his contract and hang it up. Also, this all ties to the team dissing the ‘Patriot Way’ and Bill Belichick.

Relax… Brady and Gronkowski Will Be Back

Via Officialize

I think Brady will be in minicamp in June, and so will Gronkowski. Meanwhile they will be working at TB12 with Alex Guerrero. Brady will have some more family time and think more about his future. Belichick knew this was going to get out. Which is why he got ahead of it on Friday when he said the off-season workouts are voluntary. He knew Brady and Gronkowski weren’t going to be in attendance and people would be talking. With all the teams doing well in New England, the Patriots are the most talked about.

Like I’ve said, Belichick at this point is just going through the motion and getting the team ready. He wants an easy transition for Josh McDaniels when he takes over as head coach. Gronkowski and Brady will be on the field this season. Brady was just in the field house a few weeks ago throwing passes to Julian Edelman. When the Patriots draft a quarterback in the draft, you’ll see how Brady acts differently than he did when Garoppolo was drafted. Why? Because he’s done.

Enjoy the Last Two Years of Brady

When Garoppolo was drafted, Brady hadn’t won another Super Bowl since 2004. Now, what more does he need to accomplish?  He’s done it all. Gronkowski will sign a two-year deal and probably leave when Brady leaves in 2019. Edelman too. There’s no way Gronkowski and Edelman will play for the Patriots without Tom Brady.