Roster cuts were yesterday, and there were many surprises including the cut of Marquis Flowers. However, provided they make it through waivers, who should the Patriots re-sign to their practice squad?

Photo Courtesy of Pats Pulpit

QB – Danny Etling

Danny Etling wasn’t spectacular by any means in Thursday’s preseason finale against the Giants besides one amazing 86-yard touchdown run on a read option. The Patriots knew he would be a project when they drafted him. Belichick has given the kid high praise for his work ethic, and the Patriots should definitely continue to groom him.

UPDATE: The Patriots signed Etling to their practice squad.

RB – Ralph Webb

Webb has impressed in the preseason. He can be a nice asset to have if God forbid one of the running backs gets injured.

UPDATE: The Patriots signed Webb to their practice squad.

WR – Riley McCarron

The Patriots really like McCarron. He is a great player to have on a team with only three wide receivers on its active roster. Like Etling, he has a great work ethic and is willing to do anything the team asks of him.

UPDATE: The Patriots signed McCarron to their practice squad.

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LB – Harvey Langi

Langi made a splash last year before getting injured. The Patriots really like the kid and will definitely sign him to the practice squad if he clears waivers.

SIDENOTE: The fact that he, along with Eric Lee and Marquis Flowers, was released shows how much the team’s front seven has improved.

UPDATE: The Patriots signed Langi to their practice squad.

DE – Trent Harris

“Toolbox” Trent, as nicknamed by his Miami teammates, isn’t the flashiest player by any means. He has been called too slow and too small to make an impact. He is proving his doubters wrong by making an impact early and often in games. His nickname is what it is because Harris has a variety of moves and a high football IQ to beat defenders. He racked up several sacks over the preseason games and has the ability to play both end and linebacker.

OL – Cole Croston

Croston, like Langi, had made the team last year as an undrafted free agent. He can play every position well and can provide quality depth.

UPDATE: Croston cleared waivers.