The Patriots could enter 2019 with nobody at tight end

Bill Belichick is the smartest coach in the league. After Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement there was speculation that the Patriots would draft a tight end during the draft, but they didn’t. There’s also a strong rumor that former tight end Benjamin Watson was going to come out of retirement and join his former team. The Patriots could go into the season with no tight end, and they haven’t had that happen in awhile.

They’ve had much success at the position

The Patriots have had a tight end since the beginning of the Belichick era. From Jermaine Wiggins to Benjamin Watson and Rob Gronkowski. They really had been dominant at the position. Dwayne Allen didn’t turn out well, and the Patriots released Jacob Hollister. However, having no tight end could work. The Patriots could have five wide receivers lined up. The signing of Demaryius Thomas, and having Julian Edelman on the other side, will be good. Also when Josh Gordon returns from the suspension that adds another dominant force to the offense. Also, they have the new draft pick N’ Keal Harry, who people are already comparing to Dez Bryant and Phillip Dorsett.

They could go with five wide receivers

Tom Brady is used to having all kinds of different receivers to throw to. With him playing at an elite level still, Belichick knows Brady can handle anything thrown his way. Brady will just find the open receiver. Yes they’ll miss the blocking from Gronkowski, that just means other guys will have to step up.

That will probably be a full depth chart at receiver when Josh Gordon comes back from suspension. If he can remain on the field he would be a great factor to make plays on offense. With Brady still playing it’s safe to say they may not even need a tight end. They did win a Super Bowl without Rob Gronkowski. And who knows, he could comeback in November if he feels right. Belichick will always do what’s best for the football team regardless.