James White hosted an event at J.P. Licks in Dorchester on Tuesday afternoon. From 4-5PM White served ice cream and the money was then sent to benefit the kids at the Boston Medical Center. It was a quick turnaround for White after just beating the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo the night before. But he was glad to be there to talk to the kids and fans. White holds an event called Sweet Feet for Strikes that also benefits the Boston Medical Center. It was formerly known as the Mayo Bowl until he passed the hosting responsibilities to White.

Boston Sports Extra Was There

Boston Sports Extra was at J.P. Licks in Dorchester yesterday and was able to ask him a couple of questions. With the Patriots playing the night before and the Sox winning the World Series BSE were the only ones there. Yesterday was also the NFL trade deadline which the Patriots did nothing. White wasn’t going to answer any football-related questions. Yesterday at J.P. Licks it was all about the kids from the Boston Medical Center.

This was the second year White hosted the bowling tournament which he did in September. White said at the time ” it’s good to have teammates come out here, have fans come out here and have just everybody come together and have a good time and try to raise a lot of money. That’s what it’s all about, trying to raise as much money as possible for Boston Medical Center.” White also told BSE yesterday that it is great to have his teammates go to the bowling tournament to support a great cause. It’s great what White does on the field being the best running back he can for the Patriots. But it’s also great what he does off the field for charity.