Whew! What a 48 hours for the Patriots since Sunday night. Since the Super Bowl, Malcolm Butler has released a statement. Matt Patricia is now head coach of the Detroit Lions. Josh McDaniels is now back to the Patriots as offensive coordinator. McDaniels’s return can only mean one thing: when Belichick retires, which looks probable after the 2018 season, McDaniels will take over.  For McDaniels to completely change his mind he must know that he will be the next in line once Belichick leaves. Robert Kraft probably made that clear to him yesterday and -oh yes, you know- Tom Brady had something to do with it.

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Tom Brady Has a Say

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Tom Brady is the only player bigger than the team. He has earned that right through his tenure, and look what he has done. This is pure speculation, but Tom Brady may have told Kraft “I’m not playing here unless McDaniels stays and becomes head coach.” McDaniels will stay and become head coach when Belichick is gone after the 2018 season. Brady is the LeBron of the Patriots. Only difference is he can do what he wants because he has the championships to back it up.  LeBron, however, can’t back up his talk with winning.

The Decision to Bench Butler Was a Football Decision

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Kraft and Belichick went out to dinner last night in the public eye. They picked a good time to go to Davio’s at Patriot Place avoiding the 5-7 dinner rush. Now I haven’t even touched on the Malcolm Butler situation. Hmmm…  Releasing a statement saying the reports of him missing curfew are ridiculous. Tom Brady endorsing the comment on Instagram and saying to Butler he has his back. That was strictly a football decision. Do you really think Brady would endorse something if Butler was going to concerts and missing curfew? I don’t think so.

Gronk Moving to Hollywood?

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So what does this mean going forward, well it means this off season they’re will be lots to talk about. Will Gronk retire and become a actor? I’m sure Brady will have something to say about that and try and keep him in New England.