Patriots travel to the windy city

The Patriots will travel to take on the Bears on Sunday afternoon. After barely beating the Kansas City Chiefs to improve to 4-2 on the season, the Patriots face a tough Chicago Bear defense on Sunday who allowed just 41 points in the first three weeks of the season but let up 31 against Brock Osweiler and the Dolphins last week. Bears also failed to sack Dolphin quarterback Brock Osweiler on 44 dropbacks and lost the game by 3 in overtime. The Bears are now 3-2 so what do the Patriots have to do to win the game?

Patriots and Bears should be a good matchup

On offense, the Bears rank 10th in points, 19th in yards, 22nd in passing yards and 8th in rushing yards.  On defense, the Bears rank 4th in points, 10th in yards, 16th in passing yards and 4th in rush yards.

For the Patriots on offense, the Patriots rank 4th in points, 14th in yards, 19th in passing yards, and 11th in rushing yards. On the defensive side, the Patriots rank 19th in points,  20th in yards, 21st in passing yards, and 18th in rushing yards.

Belichick is impressed with the Bears

Bill Belichick is impressed with the Bears saying yesterday at his press conference. “This has been a really impressive team to watch. Obviously, a team we don’t know very well and a lot of changes since the last time we saw them, even in practice a couple years ago here. But, changes on the coaching staff, a lot of changes on the players, but playing very well. They’re really a good defensive team, take the ball away, powerful up front, a lot of good, smart coverage players. You know, Vic [Fangio] does a really good job with that group.”

Overall, the Patriots need to move the ball and score early. Gronkowski will most likely be double covered, so that gives room for the other receivers to get open. Expect Chris Hogan to have a good game as he caught two huge passes from Brady towards the end of the Kansas City game. Also, Sony Michel should find some holes and have a good running game too. Get ready for those screen passes with James White and even Edelman. Also possibly Josh Gordon with the deep ball. Defense needs to also play better for 60 minutes than they did in the second half of the Kansas City game. It will be close, but the Patriots should pull it out.