Patriots won’t be visiting White House to Celebrate Sixth Super Bowl win

USA Today

The Patriots will not be visiting the White House to celebrate their Super Bowl victory. They have gone to the White House in the past to celebrate their Super Bowl wins, but not this time. It sounds like they don’t have the time to head there this year, between off-season activities and training camp starting soon it’s time to turn the page on last season. It’s also not getting any media attention that they aren’t going because the Patriots have been before with President Trump in office. The Patriots have gone to the White House five other times, and all early in the off-season.

They simply don’t have the time

The relationship between the President and Robert Kraft doesn’t matter, all that matters is winning football games and championships. There is also controversy when certain players don’t go which is what they are avoiding it too. Tom Brady didn’t go the last time and it was probably smart because people would just start talking nonsense.

The President’s relationship with the owner shouldn’t be a big deal. Who Robert Kraft is friends with has nothing to do with football or the production on the field. That goes for everyone else on the team too, including Belichick. They never let any distractions take away from their goals of winning.

Overall it has been very slow past few months for the Patriots. Between OTA’s, the Israel trip, and training camp starting soon there’s not enough time to visit the White House again. It also keeps the NFL out of the political spotlight if the Patriots don’t attend, which is a good thing. A scheduling issue as a reason is a lot better than a team not going for political reasons.