The Alex Guerrero drama needs to stop

The Alex Guerrero drama is getting old now. Alex Guerrero was on the team plane when the Patriots traveled to Carolina to take on the Panthers. Big deal Brady has his trainer on the plane let’s ask thirty questions about his trainer but none about the wide receiver problem. Brady had his weekly radio interview on WEEI this morning and hung up after repeated questions about Alex Guerrero. Brady didn’t want to get into it and instead would much rather talk about the actual football instead of the drama. Alex Guerrero was on the team plane get over it.

Brady should do interviews on the Sports Hub

There are many other issues with the Patriots other than Alex Guerrero traveling with the team. For example, the wide receiving position. What’s going to happen the first month of the season with Edelman out? Who’s going to take his place? The Pats also have concerns with their offensive line that should be addressed. The defense as a whole has some issues that could be discussed. This isn’t the first time WEEI has made Tom Brady mad. Quite honestly Brady should be doing interviews with 98.5 The Sports Hub with Zolak and Bertrand. At least there would be actual football questions not questions about drama. Zolak does the games on the radio side of the broadcast with Bob Socci.

Who cares if Alex Guerrero was on the sideline at the game or not. He’s Brady’s trainer and is allowed to fly on the team plane to treat Brady with what he needs before game time. Even though Brady isn’t on the field the knowledge he has about the game, in general, is good. Overall the stupid questions about Guerrero need to stop because that’s not going to win football games. The production on the field is what matters. Brady should consider doing weekly interviews on the Sports Hub instead since they cover the games on the radio side.