The playoff tradition continues for Tom Brady and the Patriots

Here we go again, January playoff football for the Patriots. It seems like it’s a tradition. Every year the Patriots are the number one or two seed and are hosting a playoff game in January. The Patriots will be hosting the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday and the early forecast calls for snow. History tells us how Brady plays in the snow in January.

Tom Brady will continue to be dominant in the playoffs

If we rewind it’s obvious this team is not even close to the early 2000 teams. Playing in the snow against the Colts was something Brady loved, and the Patriots always dominated. Those teams would probably beat this year’s team. But for Brady, even at 41. anything is possible. Brady is 27-10 in the playoffs. He’s passed for 10,226 yards, 71 touchdowns, and 31 interceptions. He has a career playoff rating of 90.9. Brady loves playing in the cold weather and is dominant when the temperature is below 40 degrees.

The famous snow bowl game in the AFC Divisional Playoff game in 2002 is one that will go down as one of the greatest playoff games in NFL history. The way Brady was so calm and collected, and despite the weather, led the Patriots down the field to put Adam Vinatieri in the right position to make the game-winning kick. That was the start of many playoff victories for the future Hall Of Fame quarterback.

It looks like the Patriots made the right choice in choosing Brady over another quarterback for games like the one on Sunday. The Chargers have a great defense, but they have a lot of things going against them. Travel, the weather, and playing against Brady in the snow. If it wasn’t going to snow the game might be closer, but because Brady is so great in the snow don’t be surprised if the Patriots win big. He is the leader in that locker room and has been in these games numerous times. He will get the players relaxed and ready to go and Brady will be headed to another AFC Championship game.