After an astonishingly great first half that gave the Red Sox a 68-30 record to go along with a 4.5 game lead over New York, what can we expect during the second half of the year?

After a well needed all star break, the remaining 64 games are approaching fast. As the team looks to keep their lead over the rival Yankees, here are some predictions for this second half.

Red Sox win their division.

While the race will be heated up, this back and fourth race will come down to versatility. Something New York doesn’t have a whole lot of. If they expect to have a solid run during the postseason, expect them to make moves for starting pitching. If the Sox can target a solid relief pitcher for cheap, it only increases their versatility even more.

Sox get three pitchers over 15 wins.

Chris sale, Rick Porcello, and David Price all get at least 15 wins on the season. With the offense scorching runs on almost anyone, this gives the pitchers a great deal of confidence to shut down opponents with ease. Of course, everyone has a bad game or cold streak, but this seems the most plausible with the staff on the roster.

Mookie Betts finally wins MVP.

Barring anything he cannot control, Betts finally gets his most valuable player nod. As he displayed throughout the first half, he has the ability to do anything he wants to whoever he wants to, no questions asked. He has more games this season 4-4 at the plate than 0-4 at the plate…. that’s impressive. Yes J.D Martinez has a great case to win the award too, but Mookie’s defensive abilities makes him that much more inciting.

Red sox win the world series.

As most of Red Sox nation says this every year, it’s very doable this year. The team chemistry is electric, manager Alex Cora is doing a phenomenal job at the helm, and the team is firing on all cylinders. There are always obstacles to overcome during the MLB Playoffs, as for this year, the Boston Red Sox are not a Cinderella team, but more a team that’s hungry for October Glory.