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This week in Premier League Aston Villa has a chance to accomplish a set of seven victories. What does that mean? It means that if they win on Sunday, they will have won on every day of the week. This weekend they are playing with Tottenham. What else is happening in the Premier League? Wolverhampton has an amazing achievement, having scored 7 goals from outside the box. Sheffield United has scored only one such a goal. We recommend that you check out the lineup for upcoming matches on best bookmaker – https://1xBet.in.

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Of all of these amazing goals, 7 of them were winners. Mohamad Salah has proven worthy of Liverpool’s team and since joining in 2017/2018 he had only been an asset for the team. When it comes to Arsenal, they have won 20 of their home matches and haven’t lost even one. Check out the results of last weekend matches and choose football betting on 1xBet. There you can also place various bets and earn more money than you could ever imagine. Bets are a great way to earn money without much hassle and that is the right place for it.

Leicester – Chelsea 2:2

Tottenham – Manchester City 2:0

Newcastle – Norwich 0:0

West Ham – Brighton 3:3

Bournemouth – Aston Villa 2:1

Watford – Everton 2:3

Burnley – Arsenal 0:0

Liverpool – Southampton 4:0

Manchester United – Wolverhampton 0:0

• Crystal Palace – Sheffield United 0:1

On Friday 14th of February, Leicester will play against Wolverhampton on their stadium at 21:00. On Saturday you can enjoy watching Southampton versus Burnley at 13:30 as well as Norwich against Liverpool at 18:30. However, all of this you can watch live on 1xBet website while also making football betting on 1xBet.

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In the 26th fixture of Premier League Burnley has a chance to complete the league’s double. However, we recommend that you check out and try watch football online now on 1xBet. We promise you that you will find some amazing bets there and enjoy every money spent. 

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