It’s that time of year again.   It gets darker earlier, summer fades,, the leaves change, and football begins. This season is a bit different though, as the Patriots will drop their fifth Super Bowl banner Thursday night against Kansas City. Coach Belichick has moved on from Super Bowl LI, but In honor of the fifth Super Bowl Banner, let’s rank them.

5. Super Bowl XXXIX

My fifth-best Super Bowl is Super Bowl XXXIX. February 6, 2005 matched up the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Super Bowl was held in Jacksonville that year and it didn’t disappoint. The players on that team included Troy Brown, Teddy Bruschi,and  Rodney Harrison, who got the game winning interception. Deion Branch earned MVP honors in that Super Bowl. He had 12 targets, and 11 receptions, for 133 yards. Tom Brady passed for 236 yards, and two touchdowns in the win, to record his third Super Bowl title, with a 24-21 win.

I chose this game in fifth place because they had just come off a Super Bowl win the previous year, and it seemed almost as if they were expected to beat the Eagles that Season. Following that Super Bowl, though, Coach Belichick lost his father, and Teddy Bruschi had a health scare. The Patriots wouldn’t win another Super Bowl for 10 years after the third.

4. Super Bowl XXXVIII

I rank Super Bowl XXXVIII s fourth best.  The Patriots played the Carolina Panthers in Houston and were favored. Brady looked for his second Super Bowl Victory after only being in the league for three years at that point. The Patriots won that game 32-29 on an Adam Vinatieri field goal to win it. Tom Brady was the MVP in that Super Bowl and passed for 354 yards, and three touchdowns.

The reason it’s my fourth best Super Bowl is because my third one just blows this one out completely. The Patriots Panthers Super Bowl was a good game and close, like every Super Bowl the Patriots play in.  You’ll see why number 3 is my third best Super Bowl.

3. Super Bowl XLIX

My third Super Bowl pick is Super Bowl XLIX.   You can call it the “Malcolm Butler Super Bowl.” Former Patriots coach Pete Carroll hoped for a Super Bowl win for his Seahawks. The Patriots had the Lombardi in their sights for their first Super Bowl win in 10 years. At this point in Brady’s career he was sliding a little. Garoppolo was drafted in the 2014 draft. The Patriots had two losses previously in the Super Bowl in 2011, and 2007. This one was important. Thank God for Pete Carroll’s insane coaching decision to throw at the one yard line instead of handing it off.   Malcolm Butler gets the INT to seal the 28-24 victory.

This game is number three because Brady was nails and made a statement that he was the best in the league. He passed for 328 yards and four touchdowns. They also hadn’t won in decade so they were overdue, big time.

2. Super Bowl LI

Why would this be number two? The greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.  Down 28-3 with 2:08 left in the third quarter. Tom Terrific once again puts the statement on the field that at 39 he is still the best quarterback in the league. Brady, as we all know, was suspended last season because of the so-called ‘deflategate’ and came out firing,  from October 9th- February 5th.

The Patriots finally had a miracle catch of their own with Julian Edelman, and James White’s game-winning touchdown sealed it. Brady passed for 466 yards and two touchdowns.

1. Super Bowl XXXVI

The Patriots-Rams Super Bowl was a special one. This is my number one Super Bowl for a lot of reasons.   Not only was it their first Super Bowl win but they came out as a team. They were the first team to do so. They were heavy underdogs, and it was a Red, White, and Blue season after 9/11. So everything the Patriots stood for made sense after they won this game, which makes this Super Bowl win the best. It was Tom Brady’s first ever Super Bowl after being drafted in the sixth round the year before.

Ty Law had an INT, David Patten caught a pass, and Adam Vinatieri sealed the deal,  and the Patriots won 20-17.

All these years later on Thursday we begin another chapter in New England Patriots history.  They unveil their fifth Super Bowl banner, and the “Blitz For Six” begins.   The past 17 years have been extraordinary.  Let’s hope the next 17 are even better.