A few people have already earned good in this year’s National Football League completing 10 successful weeks. This 17-week regular season lies on the heart of North America where you will get to catch 32 equal teams from the National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC).

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Here is the list of matches for Week 10 with betting odds and picks at for this league. Take a long breath and start counting for these matches. You will never know, what is the plan for tomorrow. Let’s explore it carefully to get the best from it.

Panthers and Pittsburgh Steelers:



THURSDAY, NOV. 8 – 8:20 P.M. ET

The Thursday night will be full of amazements where two respective contenders from the same division Pittsburgh leads AFC North will show their magic on the ground. There are the clear chances for anyone of them going for Super Bowl.

SUNDAY, NOV. 09:30  A.M. ET

Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears

Betting Odds: Bears-6.5


After facing two defensive touchdowns in last match, Chicago is here again to draw its flag. Its top players Allen Robinson and Khali Mack missed the last opportunities due to a serious injury. Talking about the Detroit, this beast has not awakened since yet, it can be seen from its disappointing performance of 24-9 in Minnesota. Who knows what will happen now.

New Orleans Saints at Cincinnati Bengals:

SUNDAY, NOV. 11 – 1 P.M. ET

Betting Odds: Saints-5

PICK ATS: Bengals

Bengals are off to a goodbye while at the same Saints marked their largest victory in the NFC for this league. They have defeated unbreakable Rams last Sunday with amazing score of 45-35 giving a beautiful path to this seasons’ journey.

Atlants Falcons at Cleveland Browns:

SUNDAY, NOV. 11 – 1 P.M. ET

Betting Odds: Falcons-4.5

PICK ATS: Falcons

Maybe it’s not a good time for Cleveland Browns after they fired head coach of the team last week. But it doesn’t matter anymore as the team is already out of the league after its continuous fourth defeat last Sunday. This match was sorrowful for Browns as the score table says 37-21 to Kansas City.

New England Patriots at Tennessee Titans:

SUNDAY, NOV. 11 – 1 P.M. ET

Betting Odds: Patriots-6

PICK ATS: Patriots

This Sunday, Patriots proved themselves after getting an incredible victory over Green Bay. While, Titans had an awful week. Both these star teams faced each other in divisional round in Foxboro and New England where everyone says goodbye to coach Mike Mularkey.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts:

SUNDAY, NOV. 11 – 1 P.M. ET

Betting Odds: Colts-3

PICK ATS: Jaguars

Jaguars, this AFC South runner has not provided any satisfactory result to their supporters. Jaguars have not earned more than 18 points out of any game this season. Also they faced serious issues in their quarterback. While Colts have not faced any defeat since yet. They have collected 79 on scoreboard with their continuous winning.

Arizona Cardinals at Kansas City Chiefs:

SUNDAY, NOV. 11 – 1 P.M. ET

Betting Odds: Chiefs-16.5

PICK ATS: Cardinals

Chiefs are lucky to have a chance of playing again for Week-11 Monday night match held at Mexico City with Los Angeles Ram. And, Kansas City Chiefs are also lucky after an incredible victory last Sunday with score of 37-21 in Cleveland. And, for Arizona lovers, its time to say goodbye.  

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets:

SUNDAY, NOV. 11 – 1 P.M. ET

Betting Odds: Jets-8


The first round victory of year 2018 is marked with these two winners. This Sunday, Bills are not sure whether their good player Allen will be there or not after Octobers elbow injury. Jets will also miss key player Sam Darnold in upcoming match.

Washington Redskins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

SUNDAY, NOV. 11 – 1 P.M. ET

Betting Odds: Bucks-1.5


It can be predicted that Redskins may takeover NFC east but they lost at home from this Sunday with 38-14. Bucks are also disappointed after facing loss from Carolina where they score 42-28.

The season of betting is on for those who were waiting so long. Don’t miss the chance, place you bet carefully and watch your money getting doubled this season. Till then don’t miss out the updates. Good Luck.


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