If you are a sports fan then you have no doubt recently been hearing about mixed martial arts. It might be a sport that you knew nothing about. It might be a sport that you have been into for a long time.

Whatever the situation is, there is no denying that the UFC and mixed martial arts are gaining a lot of attention recently thanks to the huge deal signed with ESPN… and because of the all famous Conor Mcgregor. Ever watched Conor fight or ever seen a top contender MMA fighter? The sport is truly fascinating, as it doesn’t involve just one discipline.

No, it takes jiu jitsu, wrestling, judo, kickboxing, traditional boxing, Karate, Aikido, taekwondo and other techniques and combines them all in one unique setting. It goes without saying that if you want to get to the top, you need to be open-minded and versatile.


Why You Should Start Martial Arts

Whether you just discovered MMA or want to jump on the martial arts bandwagon because it is now mainstream, there are a variety of reasons that one might use to justify their intentions. Not only this, but there are tons of benefits that you can take advantage of when you decide to delve into the sport.


MMA Teaches Discipline And Self-Mastery

If you look up the word discipline in the English dictionary, you will discover that the root word is disciple. A disciple is a student, pupil, or someone that is simply willing to learn. While some individuals are just born with an iron will and determination, it is something that can be learned. Discipline is without a doubt one of the most important traits that you can learn. It is a trait that cannot only be carried without you through your entire life, but you can apply it to many facets of life to get ahead. This is exactly what martial arts can teach you.

The classes will be grueling, the work will be hard, and it will take dedication to master a form. Every class, every training session, or every time you step in that gym, you will be taking a step towards self-discipline. If you stick with it, you will eventually reach the ultimate discipline, which is the mastery of one’s self. Martial arts is all about self-defense, which involves an outside force asserting its will over you. This is something that you will encounter in every conflict that you face in life. Learn to master this and you will go far.


Teaches Your Body Striking Efficiency

Many people will probably tell you to get into martial arts because you will get in shape and learn to defend yourself at the same time. This is no doubt true, but behind all the fighting, grappling, and striking there is the word art. It might seem that a brutal sport like this can translate to art, but there is a flow, a movement to the science that is unlike anything you will experience elsewhere. There is almost a true beauty to it. Learning martial arts will allow you to learn to move your body with more grace, efficiency, and power.

Many would define the word art as the application of creative skill, and that is exactly what mixed martial arts will give you. That being said, all art, whether it be fighting or painting, will take willingness. While you might not become the next big thing, you will definitely take a step towards discovering more about your creative center.

Mar 7, 2020; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Weili
Zhang (red gloves) fights Joanna Jedrzejczyk (blue gloves) during UFC 248 at T-Mobile Arena. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports


Learning To Overcome Adversity

It doesn’t matter how gifted a swimmer you are, if you get caught in a riptide current, you will not out power it. This doesn’t mean that you will drown. It just means that you will have to use something besides physical strength to overcome the situation. This is truly a lesson that can be applied time and time again to many aspects of life. There is always going to be someone out there bigger, stronger, smarter, and faster than you. What’s so unique about mixed martial arts is, most of the practices are learned first hand in this very manner. You will have to learn to swim with the current.

You will learn to take this energy being applied against you and use it to get ahead. Mixed martial arts isn’t all about going on the offensive. It will teach you defense as well. There is nothing wrong with a tactical retreat. In fact, in some situations, it will probably make the most sense. Whether it be in the cage or in the board room, this is a concept and technique that you can learn to apply to many areas of life.


MMA Gear You Will Need To Get Started

It probably goes without saying that you are hyped and ready to get started right away. And, you should be. However, before you just run out there and jump into the cage, you are going to need some essential gear. This gear will not only help you get the most of the situation, but it can protect you and get you ready for what is about to come.


Punching Bag / Heavy Bag

If you have recently looked into the world of heavy bags or punching bags, you already know that the selection is vast and confusing, from free standing bags to hanging heavy bags. The thing is even if you are familiar with them, you would still have a hard time finding the right punching bag due to the wide selection of punching bags out there. 

Here is a brief overview to help you decide which punching bag is best for you.

Hanging Heavy Bag

A hanging heavy bag is a bag that you can use over and over again to build your technique and cardio. That being said, one of the first things that will need to be considered when choosing a bag will be the weight. The major difference between the weights really is nothing more than the resistance that the bag will provide.

It is important to note that a hanging heavy bag will allow for more competitive style training as a free standing punching bag is meant more for workouts and cardio training. Why is this important? It means it will take more force to move a hanging heavy bag than it will a free standing bag. A hanging heavy bag is also more realistic as it will swing when hit which is nice to have as it replicated real world training and mma competition. 

Free Standing Punching Bag

The other style of punching bag is a free standing bag. This punching bag is self standing and is a more popular choice among fitness enthusiasts and for cardio boxing. The reason these are popular is because free standing punching bags are extremely convenient and easy to set up which can not be said for hanging heavy bags. Another reason is because free standing punching bags can be used anywhere and can be moved easily. 

Whether you choose a free standing bag or a hanging punching bag is up to you and your training needs. 

Are you just getting a punching bag because you want to get some kickboxing or cardio boxing workouts in? Choose a free standing punching bag.

Are you competing and want a real world experience? Choose the hanging punching bag. 

Mar 7, 2020; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Israel Adesanya (red gloves) fights Yoel Romero (blue gloves) during UFC 248 at T-Mobile Arena. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports


Boxing Gloves

If you thought heavy bags were vast then you haven’t seen anything yet. The market for boxing gloves is even more vast. You have everything from bag gloves that don’t offer wrist support to the newer more modern gloves that are designed more for sparring and training rather than hitting the punching bag.

There are also training gloves, official gloves, and tons more. Of course, there is plenty of time to learn more about this. What you need are the basics and you’ll pick up on the rest later. The most important thing is to choose a pair of gloves that you can use for both training, sparring, and in-ring activities.

Form here, you’ll want to consider the size of the gloves. As a good rule of thumb, you should consider the following guide. Anyone that weighs less than 120 pounds will want a 12 or 14-ounce glove. Anyone that weighs between 150 and 180 pounds will want either a 16, 18 or 20-ounce glove. If you are over 180 pounds, you’ll want to go for at least a 16 or bigger.

For heavy bag workouts or if you plan on hitting your punching bag with your boxing gloves you will need heavier gloves. This applies for both free standing punching bags and hanging punching bags.


MMA Gloves For Grappling

Grappling is a term utilized in the world of MMA for gripping and seizing opponents. Most MMA gloves are designed for finger exposure, which allows for better grappling. The open-finger design is important for all fighters but it is just as important to ensure the perfect fit, comfort, and flexibility. Along with those capabilities, the gloves should provide wrist support, quick-drying, durability, functionality, and longevity.


Headguard / Headgear

Traumatic Brain Injury has been linked to MMA. Some former MMA fighters have reported sustaining all kinds of injuries from bone fractures to torn ligaments to concussions. Some of those injuries could have been prevented with the proper safety equipment and training. Unfortunately, most MMA organizations do not require fighters to wear headgear during competitions. But, that does not necessarily mean it should not be worn when sparing with teammates. 

MMA headgear is available in various designs and sizes. Your best option will be a design that features double-layer foam padding, lightweight leather construction, and full-head protection.


Get The Gear & Get Started in Mixed Martial Arts

MMA offers mental and physical benefits for both males and females. Whether you participate in competitions or just utilize it to meet personal goals, you will notice major improvements in your mental and physical capacities within weeks. The techniques utilized in the full-combat sports like MMA can help build strength, endurance, and agility. But none of the martial art techniques should be attempted without the proper MMA safety gear. With various brands to choose from, there will be no need to worry about exceeding your budget without skimping on quality especially when it comes to your punching bag and your boxing gloves.