The World Cup is finally here! An event that had been heavily anticipated throughout the year. With all the premier leagues that have taken place, this is simply the ideal way to end the year on a high note, and we’re confident that many people will agree, especially given that the tournament is taking place in the bright and beautiful country of Qatar. Without a doubt, a lot of buzz is focused on the majority of the games with over 30 nations competing against one another.

Even though the games have only just begun, there have already been a lot of highlights and shocks throughout the season. England got off to a great start, defeating Iran with a whooping six wins. Saka, Sterling, Rashford, and Grealish scored a number of outstanding goals. Despite the first three receiving a lot of criticism from the general public in relation to the Euro 2020 final, it is encouraging to see them execute with such finesse and expertise. We are all interested in finding out how well they perform in the upcoming games. Another highlight of the season has been Japan’s first-round victory over Germany. Japan put on some impressive performances. It was also no surprise to the public that all of the Japanese fans stuck behind after their victory to clean up the stadium. Witnessing such tremendous acts of service, especially when travelling to different nations, is really invigorating. We’re excited to watch how Japan continues to surprise the public and its fans throughout the season.

Furthermore, because Nigeria is not competing in the competition this year, much of its support has gone to its neighbouring country, Ghana. It’s been thrilling to see how many people in the north of Africa have placed their hopes in the Black Stars to win. It’s been amazing to see how Nigeria and Ghana have set aside their “rivalry” over who makes the finest jollof rice to support each other throughout the tournament. Aside from rooting for Ghana’s success, we are eager to see how well Senegal, Morocco, Cameroon, and Tunisia will play. The final World Cup highlight was Saudi Arabia’s victory over Argentina. This is undoubtedly a historical occasion that Saudi Arabia will remember for the rest of its life. Many people were taken aback because Argentina is well-known for being a contender in practically every FIFA tournament but there is still hope that they will play very well in their future matches. With this in mind, we can only wait to watch how Saudi Arabia performs in the upcoming games.

With the FIFA World Cup just getting started, we’re waiting to see what additional highlights we’ll be treated to this season. All of the games have been quite promising, and the ones to follow will be even more so. In the spirit of online gaming and sports, provides a number of sports that players can bet on and this can help fans pass time between games.  We can only hope that the next few games go well. Football has always had a way of bringing people together, and it is a lovely sight to witness players and spectators from all over the world supporting one another.