The Boston Red Sox have the most wins in the MLB at the moment, but that does not mean that they don’t have problems. An idea over the weekend was proposed by Jared Carrabis of the Section 10 Podcast that the Sox should look to try to acquire former Red Sox 3rd baseman, Adrian Beltre. This may seem like a fantasy acquisition by the Red Sox, but it seems plausible.

Rangers need to rebuild

For starters, the Texas Rangers are one of the worst teams in the MLB this year with a record of 28-44. They should look to trade their older players to contenders, like the Red Sox, for younger players. The Red Sox are most definitely in win now mode, trading guys like Yoan Moncada and others for Chris Sale. Adrian Beltre would help the Red Sox in many situations this year, and also be a clubhouse leader.

Red Sox problems VS LHP

One of the main problems with the Red Sox is their hitting vs left-handed pitchers. The Red Sox as a team are batting .235 against them with only 18 home runs. However, against right-handed pitchers, they are batting .268 with 83 home runs. Rafael Devers is batting .209, Moreland is batting .227, Benintendi is batting .197, Nunez is at .172, and JBJ is at .120, all against LHP this season. Adrian Beltre has been very successful versus left-handed pitching this year. In 44 plate appearances versus LHP, he is .359/.386/.462/.848. Beltre, in a short sample size, has shown that he can contribute to stopping this problem for the Red Sox.

Help Rafael Devers

Adrian Beltre could also help with the development of Rafael Devers. Devers is coming off a season where he had a batting average of .284 and hit 10 home runs through the 58 games he played. Through 69 games so far this year, Devers is averaging .236 with 10 home runs. Rafael’s hitting isn’t his major problem; his fielding is. Devers has a team-low fielding percentage of .931 and a team high of 14 errors. Adrian Beltre could come in and help the 21-year old out and give Devers a few days off from fielding. Beltre gives a veteran-mind to Devers that he needs in his very young career to help him grow into what he looked like in his inaugural MLB season.


Adrian Beltre played for the Red Sox for one season back in 2010. That season turned out to be one of Beltre’s best seasons of his career where he averaged .321/.359/.561/.921. He had 28 home runs and 102 RBIs and finished 9th in AL MVP voting. Beltre is a long ways away from that, but he is still a very productive player and a solid-veteran mind. Beltre can come in for the last half of the season and help the Red Sox bring another World Series championship back to Boston. The Red Sox are Beltre’s best option to win a title before he ends his hall-of-fame career soon.